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by tlp22 ( edited 01 Feb 2017 ) 25 Jan 2017

Okay all you amazingly talented people. I am going to make some rugs using filler cord. If anyone has made these what size did you get. 1" or smaller. I have already ordered a small size for making baskets, place mats and such. Please give me your input. What you liked or just wouldn't do again. Thanks so much.



by jrob Moderator 31 Jan 2017

Theresa, I haven't ever done this but anxiously await your choice and completed project. We may all try it after you tell us how much fun you've had.

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tlp22 by tlp22 31 Jan 2017

Thanks ! I don't know what happened to my other comments in here but they have disappeared. I am starting with a smaller project to test the waters and we will see how it goes.

by graceandham 31 Jan 2017

Sorry you haven't found any rug-makers. I guess you're going to be the leader on this for US!

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tlp22 by tlp22 31 Jan 2017

I don't know about that but thanks for having that kind of confidence in me.