by Sewmum1 24 Jan 2017

Does anyone know if a digitised design that uses specialty stitches from software is protected by the EULA?

I guess what I am trying to ask is, are designs created in digitising software able to be given away/sold without purchasing a commercial software/licence or breaching any copyright laws? Does that make any sense??


by mops Moderator 24 Jan 2017

As long as you are using the tools offered in the software (and that includes their fill stitches etc) you can do with a design what you want, sell it, give it away, keep it for personal use.
Husqvarna/Pfaff software for instance offers predigitised so-called superdesigns - they can be ever so handy when you need a decoration fast, see picture, superdesign plus encore, done in a minute. But, there's always a but, when you use those for designs to sell/give away it is a different matter entirely. Then copyright is concerned and you'll have to contact them about what can or cannot be done.

Copyright laws for the artwork can mean you have to buy a license to use it.

Sewmum1 by Sewmum1 24 Jan 2017

Thank you that makes sense when you say it like that. :)
Do you know if that is the same for fonts, or is that another issue altogether?

spendlove by spendlove 24 Jan 2017

Fonts can be a minefield - I always look for the licence details before I use a TTF. They may be free to download, but they are not necessarily free to use.

Sewmum1 by Sewmum1 24 Jan 2017

Thank you