by mops Moderator 20 Jan 2017

Baby jacket. I had a small ball of baby acryl and just got going, no pattern, just a small t-shirt to have some idea of size. I started with the Tunisian crochet top part, then crocheted the body top down. After that I had 7.4 grams (about 1/4 oz) left for the sleeves. I weighed the ball several times till I had used half of it, then did the second one.

I had done something right for at the end the sleeves were equal size and I had 6 inches of yarn left.


by sdrise 25 Jan 2017

Beautiful! Whoever gets this it will be a heirloom!

by pennifold 23 Jan 2017

Wow, this is just a beautiful jacket. I love the pattern you've used. Wouldn't be able to do it unless I had a pattern in front of me, I'm always amazed at women/men can just make up something without a pattern to read. Great work. Love Chris

by basketkase 23 Jan 2017

Gorgeous, Martine.......I love your stitch pattern......

by brendalea 22 Jan 2017

Cute little sweater, great job on it. Thanks for sharing..

by toogie 20 Jan 2017

Great job and figuring too! This reminds me of the little ones my mom made. Very sweet....

by pennyhal2 20 Jan 2017

What a perfect jacket! Boy were you lucky on the amount of thread to use! I'd have run out. The little buttons are just right for the jacket too. Did you make button holes for it?

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mops by mops 20 Jan 2017

Yes, I did, skipped 2 single crochets and did two slip stitches instead. Buttons are from an old shirt.

by anitapatch 20 Jan 2017

You have done a great work. So sweat jacket

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mops by mops 20 Jan 2017

Thank you.

by gerryvb 20 Jan 2017

oh this so adorable. Great job !!

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mops by mops 20 Jan 2017

Dank je.

by crafter2243 Moderator 20 Jan 2017

Awesome. That was amazing. 6 inches left. Good weighing. The finished result is beautiful.

by dragonflyer 20 Jan 2017


by decojo 20 Jan 2017


by rescuer Moderator 20 Jan 2017

Will you adopt me?
You're brilliant with fabric. yarn, and thread!
Every time I look at your creations, I am filled with wonder.

mops by mops 20 Jan 2017

I'd love to - lol

jrob by jrob 21 Jan 2017

I want to be your sister!

by spendlove Moderator 20 Jan 2017

Lovely, Martine. I've done sleeves like that as well - much easier now we have really accurate kitchen scales.

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mops by mops 20 Jan 2017

Yes, those scales certainly helped a lot.

by lidiad 20 Jan 2017

Wow, that's gorgeous, Martine. I think that your middle name is Perfection :)
Hugs, Lidia

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mops by mops 20 Jan 2017

No, that was my mother's, I am just trying :)

by marfa 20 Jan 2017

very nice!

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mops by mops 20 Jan 2017

Thank you.