by dixie 17 Jan 2017

Please I need some advice .I have been given some plain white small towelling baby bibs and I would like to embroider a design on them.

Because they are too small to hoop, would you put tearaway in the hoop first the pin bib or how else could I do them, also would I have to put WSS on top
THANKS in advance


by airyfairy 20 Jan 2017

I would just like to add for what it is worth. I never hoop anything. Just hoop tearaway and pin carefully around the hoop. Looking forward to seeing your work.

by dixie 20 Jan 2017

Thanks to all of the cuties let me comments here how to do the bibs. I have just completed 9 will add a photo of them later, Happy with them I placed the tearaway stabilizer first in the hoop then the pinned bib and WSS on top worked well THANKS AGAIN VAL

by sewdoctor 18 Jan 2017

I use a sticky back tear away..hoop the tear away and stick the bib to it. Use WSS on top

dixie by dixie 18 Jan 2017


parkermom by parkermom 25 Jan 2017

I have never tried the sticky back stabilizer. Is it worth the purchase?

by babash 18 Jan 2017

I would put the tearaway in the hoop and just use double sided tape to hold the bib in place. I would also put some WSS over the top.

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dixie by dixie 18 Jan 2017

Thanks yes this sounds the best way to go, after reading the other comments from other cuties

by jerrib 17 Jan 2017

I would hoop your stabilizer and if you have a basting design, use it to attach the bib to the stabilizer.
Yes, I would also put WSS on top to hold the loops down. It will look much nicer.

pennifold by pennifold 17 Jan 2017

I do this a lot these days. ❤️ Chris

marianb by marianb 18 Jan 2017

that's how I do it also

dixie by dixie 18 Jan 2017

Thanks will try the stabilizer and add the WSS on top as well because some of the deigns are more dense and they may need a bit extra so it will not pucker the towelling

by noah 17 Jan 2017

i hate spray as it makes a mess for me i just hoop stabilizer and pin the outside of the bib with wee pins i buy at Walmart even if the needle hits one by mistake it keeps right on sewing****Works for me **Hugs

dixie by dixie 18 Jan 2017

Thanks not really liking the sound of spray around the machine either, think I will try just the stabilizer first

crafter2243 by crafter2243 18 Jan 2017

I never spray the stabilizer while close to the machine. I usually step out of the room or open a window.

by sewist1 17 Jan 2017

I have used temporary adhesive spray(very sparingly). I hoop the tearaway first, spray the tearaway then place the bib. I also use the basting stitch on my machine to hold it in place.

crafter2243 by crafter2243 17 Jan 2017

My method as well./

dixie by dixie 18 Jan 2017

Thanks for that will try

by graceandham 17 Jan 2017

If they have a plastic backing, I would use Scotch tape or painter's tape to hold toweling to the tearaway. Otherwise, pins work fine. WalMart has some inexpensive, small toweling bibs backed with plastic that just barely fit in my 4 x 4 hoop and I do not need tearaway behind that as they are stable enough!

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dixie by dixie 18 Jan 2017

Thanks they do not have plastic on the back just towelling same as front