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by Sewmum1 ( edited 16 Jan 2017 ) 16 Jan 2017

Has anyone here used premier plus ultra by pfaff husqvarna? I would like to know how easy it is to use and how it compares to other software you have used.<

I went to my local quilt shop to ask about upgrading my janome digitizer. They have it but recommended premier plus ultra and said they have it on sale at the moment. For a whopping $2500
I could not find a trial for the software so I was hoping someone here might have some experience with it

Watching a few tutorials I have found a few things about it:

Requires a dongle
Need to pay for upgrades
Lots to learn

Ultra version has editing,designing, photo stitch, sketch, fonts, etc etc so much to mention
Connects to a digital cutter for cutting designs
Prints applique fabric on fabric sheets via your printer
Can desigs cards
Seems less restrictive than some other programs, the sky is the limit it seems

I want to be able to do so much more and happy to learn a new program but I also dont want to get caught spending so much if I don't need to.


by babash 18 Jan 2017

I looked up Craft shows and nothing in Perth until 24th May.
If possible I would contact Janome head office and see if anyone is doing a demo course.

by meganne 17 Jan 2017

PLEASE consider checking out Embird.
Machine manufacturers always want an arm and a leg for their software and upgrades will cost you your house.
There is absolutely no excuse for paying this price when you can do so much with Embird, it is constantly being upgraded to keep it up to date with current trends and users suggestions, and their upgrades are usually only $15 or so, but often free.
No Dongle, no swapping license from one computer to another, and so versatile and easy to use you will kick yourself if you see it in action down the track and you have paid five times the price for something else.
Just my two bob's worth.

Sewmum1 by Sewmum1 17 Jan 2017

Thank you. I have also been considering embird from recommendations here. I just get confused on their website trying to find what it is I need to buy let alone even find the pricing. So I just keep leaving. I figured if I can't simply work out their website how am I going to figure the software. Maybe I am missing something. I will go and have another look.

mops by mops 18 Jan 2017

You can fibd the prices here As you can see the ptice is relatively low. You can download it and try it out for a month. To digitise you need Embird Basic and Studio, I think Font Engine and Iconiser are a must. There's a 30 day free trial - you can't save the design you make but it let you play with it and see how easy it is.

Sewmum1 by Sewmum1 18 Jan 2017

Thank you. I will download the trial and see how it looks. One of the ladies in my local quilt shop have also said I can have a look at premier ultra on her computer the next time I go in

by dragonflyer 17 Jan 2017

I would check out the Floriani FTCU software as dongle, free upgrades and lots of functionality...and much less expensive if you purchase at a show event.

Sewmum1 by Sewmum1 17 Jan 2017

Thanks Kim. This is another I have been looking at. I have downloaded a trial but not yet had a chance to try it out. Unfortunately there are no shows near me. They are on the other side of the country so that add to the cost, with flights and accommodation. Would be a great trip though

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 18 Jan 2017

All you need to do is find a show in your country...get a phone number of the dealer and call them and ask them for their show special pricing and tell them you are not able to attend the show, but want to purchase the software.

Sewmum1 by Sewmum1 22 Jan 2017

I didn't even think of that. Thanks

by mrskiki 17 Jan 2017

I agree with Mops. I too have been using HV software since 1998 so know it pretty well. However, if you are looking for something a bit less expensive, take a look at Embrilliance. Easy to learn, No dongle so you can install it on more than one computer and you can purchase modules as you want or can afford. Also great customer service. They do have a free trial period as well. I use it 75% of the time. Hugs. Nan W

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mops by mops 17 Jan 2017

With the dongle you can install it on as many computers as you want (I have it on 2), you just need to insert the dongle on the computer you are using.

by mops Moderator 17 Jan 2017

I have been using Husqvarna/pfaff software since 1997, always the Pro version. I did not upgrade from 6D Premium to Ultra because of the cost, I am a member of the 6D Yahoo group and see the MANY questions about that latest upgrade.
Do I use all features of the programme: NO. I used the card part only once, never used the Family Tree part and I am no good at the Portrait Stitch module, although it has improved over the years.
Problem is you have only three options, the basic package, the one that includes digitising or the whole thing including all modules.
Is it worth the money - considering the well over 100 alphabets (predigitised alphas cost $15 each in Embird) and the enormous amount of fills when digitising - the answer is probably yes.
It comes with lots of wizards that make fast work, although they can be a bit restrictive at the same time - in that case do it by hand.
It is important to play with the software and read the many manuals - Premium came with 8 manuals, one for every module - and Ultra will have no doubt have at least as many.
So, yes, it is very versatile, it is expensive and when you can afford it worth having.
Having said that, I prefer Embird for the majority of digitising projects. I love the 6D cross stitch module, the encore function is eay to use, and the inbuilt fonts, mini pics and designs are great. The monogram wizard is ideal.
There is however a learning curve - for every module and for every upgrade, as they improve they also change the way things are done and worse what they are called. And as soon as there is a new windows version there's a new and costly upgrade of the software as well.

Sewmum1 by Sewmum1 17 Jan 2017

Thank you, you make some good points

rachap by rachap 17 Jan 2017

Thanks for your input. I also have 6D and don't use it nearly enough to justify the initial cost. I was lucky enough to get the free upgrade from 5D though. Like any thing on the computer you have to take time and play with it To the original question I would suggest that she look at He has written manuals for the software and you might pick up some good info.