by spendlove ( edited 11 Jan 2017 ) 11 Jan 2017

I had a brainwave at silly o'clock this morning and came up with these A5 notebook/diary covers. They are made in two hoopings, lined, no raw edges inside and with only the tiniest bit of hand or machine sewing to finish.


by grannycottage 13 Jan 2017

Beautiful, beautiful. It is a magnificent result. I love the fabric of the owl. It is quite appropriate.

by lbrow 13 Jan 2017

Sue these are really nice. Love that owl. these make such very nice gifts/Lilian

by sbott54 12 Jan 2017

You are so creative!

by sonjapotgieter 12 Jan 2017

These are Sunning!!!!Beautiful!!!Great work done Sue!!!

by jrob Moderator 12 Jan 2017

Wow, great job. Your creative juices can come at some most inconvenient times, but it's wonderful when they do come!

by tlp22 12 Jan 2017

They are are beautiful but my fav is the patchwork.

by sandralane 12 Jan 2017

This is when we have our greatest brainstorms, thoughts of what can and can't do, or would like to create and make. All the covers are terrific, I especially like the patchwork one. Sandra.

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sbott54 by sbott54 12 Jan 2017

Hey Sandra, I agree. The first one does it for me, too. From another Sandra.

by airyfairy 12 Jan 2017

Beautiful. Just love the patchwork - my colours. Would make nice presents

by crafter2243 Moderator 12 Jan 2017

Love the colors, love the owl, love the construction. Great work

by dixie 12 Jan 2017

Sue are you going to sell the patchwork design as this is my favourite one Thanks Val

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nancygregor by nancygregor 13 Jan 2017

Hope you make the patchwork and owl available thanks

by Barbaric 12 Jan 2017

It looks beautful

by christracey 12 Jan 2017

Well thought out Sue even if it was early morning. They look great.

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spendlove by spendlove 12 Jan 2017

I do my best thinking at 3am!

by shirley124 12 Jan 2017

Very nice.

by noah 12 Jan 2017

Nice work as you always do hugs

by grossfamilie 11 Jan 2017

Wonderful and perfect as all the work you do, dear Sue! And what an energy just to get up and do this in the night...either you are the night owl or the early bird ! But your owl looks very happy to be there and a bit astonished too.
Hugs Maria

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spendlove by spendlove 12 Jan 2017

I didn't get up, I just let it keep me awake!

by graceandham 11 Jan 2017

Very attractive. Always take those brain waves when you can get them. I do my most creative work late night or early morning. Inspiration! That's when I make long lists of projects to sew, and plan them out in infinite detail. I don't sew at that hour because lighting not all that great (YET) in new sewing room.

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spendlove by spendlove 12 Jan 2017

It was all in my head in the night. It kept me awake, but that was all.

by bemara 11 Jan 2017

i like your patchwork notebook cover :-), hugs

by mops Moderator 11 Jan 2017

Silly hours are often the most creative - the hard work comes later. I must say I love your lining almost as much as the patchwork :)
Cute owl, that's an all time favorite.

mops by mops 11 Jan 2017

I've been doing some cross stitch borders for A5 covers in between an evening meeting I had to chair and the paperwork beforehand. Stitching tomorrrow, it's past my bedtime now.

noah by noah 12 Jan 2017

Good night All***

spendlove by spendlove 12 Jan 2017

Looking forward to seeing them. I had wondered about putting some cross stitch on one of these as it is such fun to digitise.

by dragonflyer 11 Jan 2017

Nice! Love those brainstorms in the middle of the night!

by lucy12345 11 Jan 2017


by ethan 11 Jan 2017

I like the patchwork and also the tie and dye.

by carolpountney 11 Jan 2017

Love the silly oclock ideas

by pennifold 11 Jan 2017

Your mathematical mind must work overtime! These are adorable. I, too, love the Patchwork one and the fabrics are GORGEOUS! Love Chris

P.S. I was awake in the early hours of this morning too(Thursday here in Australia 12th January) but only because it's been so hot here. Sleeping is very uncomfortable especially in the lounge chair!! Trevor has been painting our bedroom downstairs and new carpet being laid this morning at 8.30 and it's now 7.15am) Back to our own bed tonight yeah!

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spendlove by spendlove 11 Jan 2017

Nearly bedtime (on Wednesday) here!

by Sewmum1 11 Jan 2017

They are brilliant. Funny how the best ideas come at weird times. My fave is the patchwork one