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by grossfamilie ( edited 19 Jan 2017 ) 11 Jan 2017

The machine is wonderful! Did small projects already for testing and hope there will be more time to extend... my daughters are looking forward having many things embroidered (and sewed) by Mama :-) Hope next week I can do some pictures but also I have other doctor appointments 'cause I do not feel well healthwise for considerable time now :-(

I really would love to stay with the machine for a whole week or so without interruption. It goes so smooth and I like the bigger embroidery area it has - and the USB possibilities. Thanks again for your advice - Maria

Hi dear Cuties!!!

The machine has arrived early that morning but exactly when I had to leave for my appointment. I got home late and we unpacked it and then started to find out how to use. Now I just finished my first embroidery and I am so happy. Still have to learn a lot and convert many files into JEF format but it's easily done. Thanks for all your assistance and attention. Now I am tired but would so much like to keep on playing with the new toy :-) Hugs Maria

Hello, I am a bit sad, a bit angry and still waiting ..... for this postman to come.

I had expected my new machine already yesterday according to the promise of the dealer. I phoned them up and, of course, they could not tell me when it will arrive at my home. They had asked for express delivery directly from Janome Netherlands. So I hoped to receive it today (Saturday). Now it's evening and I am frustrated since I cannot even phone the dealer. Tomorrow - Sunday - there will be no mail at all....So I am really disappointed 'cause I cannot try out the new machine :-((( Hope it will arrive on Monday but on Monday I have to see a doctor and will not be home - only later in the day.

Hope you have a better weekend with lots of embroidery - Hugs Maria - I'll let you know how the story continues.

Update: Went to the store, delivered my Brother for repair, asked for the Janome MC500E (yesterday I phoned them to make sure that have the machine in stock which they confirmed), got a little demonstration and was so happy. Also DH agreed and was pleased, wanted to pay - but then the lady came back from the storage facility and said to her own regret there is no in stock. The owner apologized and said they will deliver tomorrow directly to our home. So now I am hoping and waiting that everything will go fine tomorrow. Hope I'll have enough time over the weekend to get used to my After-Christmas-present and will tell you. Thanks a lot for all your help and wishing you Happy Embroidering. Hugs Maria

I wonder if some of you dear Cuties have experience with the Janome Memory Craft 500E? I think I fell in love with her but without "knowing" her in practice :-) My Brother Super Galaxie has to be repaired. There is some software problem obviously. It keeps saying "Lift the sewing foot lever (Nähfußhebel)" but it is already lifted. Tried all my possibilities :-( and have to bring the machine to the shop tomorrow. Thought the Janome would be a good partner then 'cause it has a very reasonable price, contains 3 hoops - one of them 200x280 mm . What do you think? Should I buy it tomorrow 'cause I have some urgent things to embroider while the Brother is away for approx. one fortnight? Thanks for your advice - Maria


by sandralane 18 Jan 2017

Great news Maria, at last your machine has arrived, take your time investigate ALL it can do , YOU WILL LOVE IT. Have fun creating, and I look forward to seeing something soon. Sandra.

by babash 17 Jan 2017

So Happy for you. Show us soon what you have made.

by pennyhal2 17 Jan 2017

Congratulations on your new baby! I'm glad you love it!

by asterixsew Moderator 17 Jan 2017

Excellent news and glad that you have been able to start stitching

by dragonflyer 17 Jan 2017

So happy for you, Maria...looking forward to seeing all of your new creations!

by graceandham 17 Jan 2017

Congratulations! I hope you keep that "new toy" feeling for a long time. Go have fun!

by Sewmum1 17 Jan 2017

Enjoy your new machine

by airyfairy 17 Jan 2017

Enjoy your new machine. Looking forward to seeing some new projects

by sewist1 14 Jan 2017

In Australia we don't even have mail deliveries on Saturday. Australia Post would send a parcel that size through Startrack couriers which are part of Australia Post but they don't deliver on Saturday either.

by dragonflyer 14 Jan 2017

Well, I would call the dealer first thing Monday morning and have them get a tracking number for the shipment so you can check the delivery status...fingers crossed that it will arrive on will probably require a signature from someone at the time of delivery, so if you are not going to be home Monday, make sure someone is there to sign for it...

by babash 14 Jan 2017

Sorry you have been messed about. The store should have told you it could be a few days before it arrived at your house. They would know this.
Here in Australia not many shops keep stock of machines just have a demonstration model and when you buy and pay for it they then place an order for the machine.
Depending on how far you are from the warehouse it could even be later in the week for delivery.
What I would do it phone Monday morning as soon as they open if you can before you go to the Doctor.
Have my fingers crossed for you will keep watching for updates.
Much too Hot here to sew this weekend.

graceandham by graceandham 14 Jan 2017

I know you're "on pins and needles" to get set up and start stitching. Maybe Monday.

grossfamilie by grossfamilie 15 Jan 2017

I hope it will be tomorrow. "Instructed" my DH to stay home and wait - at least until I come back :-) and, of course, will call the dealer but his opening hours exactly start when I ha ve my doctors appointment. Hope both will turn out good. Thanks for listening :-) Maria

by asterixsew Moderator 12 Jan 2017

I wish you many happy hours sewing with your new machine. I have a Galaxie 3000 and at some point will need to think of what next... but not thinking of that today

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grossfamilie by grossfamilie 13 Jan 2017

My Brother is approx. 20 years old and has the floppy discs which is always exciting whether the machine accepts them or not. Also the display often fails and I have to re-calibrate. So I hope the Janome will do its work better, more silent .....etc. And I also wish you luck for the day you'll make the decision - but maybe you also keep the Janome MC500 or the sister product Elna expressive830 in mind....I'll let you know my future experiences :-) Thanks again - Maria

by babash 12 Jan 2017

You will not regret buying your Janome 500E. Maybe it was a good thing they didn't have one in stock for you to take with you as I was surprised at the size of the box it came in.
Depending on your car you may have had trouble getting it in the car. Lots of packing around machine to protect it.
Forgot to say there are some You Tubes on using the Janome500E you can watch.

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grossfamilie by grossfamilie 13 Jan 2017

Haha-that sounds like big unwrapping fun! Thank you for the You Tube advice. I am gonna looking there :-) I am really looking forward to no more have to use the floppy discs etc. and having this big embroidery area. Glad that I also stored the "big" freeebies thinking it might be useful some day. Have a great weekend - Hugs Maria

by sandralane 12 Jan 2017

I also have a Janome 500e, you will not be sorry, as others have said here. So easy to use,never let me down in twelve months. Last night for the first time I used marathon thread top and bottom for fsl angels. MAGIC. just changed the bobbin case thats all. Never have I touched the tension, left it to finish , went to bed with 1 1/2 hours to go, result this morning perfect. I also have an Elna 8600 explore which I have had for some years now only had one service runs like a dream also, never touched the tensions she just goes on and on. I like both of these as things are inter changeable. GOOD LUCK with what you choose but personally I don,t think you can go wrong with the 500e. Sandra.

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grossfamilie by grossfamilie 12 Jan 2017

Thank you, Sandra, I am completely excited now waiting for tomorrow - see my update above :-) Wishing you also a great weekend - Maria

by grossfamilie 11 Jan 2017

My dear Ladies, thank you so much for your point of view. You really convince me to do it. I had been reading experience reports by local embroiderers and they all were so positive. Also I think the price is fair. I also would appreciate the hoop size 200x280. Wow, I am so excited - probably will not sleep at night :-) And thank you for the hint regarding the Elna, dear dragonflyer. I just checked it out and think it is the Elna eXpressive 830 which is identical to the Janome Memory Craft 500E. Funny thing in Germany the Elna price is higher (approx. Euro 1.799,--) while Janome is available at Euro 1.499,--. Also I checked on the demo models but it's only 100 Euros less while they don't give a 5 years warranty (only 2). So I am really grateful for your advices and hope to be embroidering tomorrow all night long :-) I love the idea of USB connection directly from computer to machine. The brother still works with floppy discs and it's always exciting whether she accepts it or not. Often I have to re-cailbrate the display but the machine is built approx. 1998 and normally still works precisely but it would be so lovely to have a second machine with more possibilities :-) I'll write again tomorrow - I promise. Hugs - Maria

by dragonflyer 11 Jan 2017

Just as another thought...Janome also owns Elna and I believe Elna has the same machine as the 500e, but the pricing usually is considerably less...I think Sewmom has mentioned this in the past...I think she got the Elna (not 100% positive) but that is what I think I remember...You might also see if your dealer has a floor model or demo machine they would be willing to sell you...should save some major bucks going that route...

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grossfamilie by grossfamilie 11 Jan 2017

Thank you so much!

by marron1 11 Jan 2017

I have the 500e love it very easy to use ..

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grossfamilie by grossfamilie 11 Jan 2017

Thanks a lot. So I am really looking forward to go to the shop and hope they still have "my" new machine :-)
Hugs - Maria

by babash 11 Jan 2017

I also have the Janome 500E machine for almost 18 months now and love it. I use a USB to put designs into my machine very simple process.
So easy to use and as Sewmum1 said great stitch out.
There was a bit of a discussion about the auto threading at the beginning but I feel it depends on the thread you use some will take up no problem some with be tricky but it sews with all brands of thread I have used.
I know in the USA 4 Hoops came with the machine but here in Australia we only got the 2 larger ones 200x280 and the 200x200 the other 2 smaller ones optional extras.

If your budget allows I would consider the purchase.
Good luck.

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grossfamilie by grossfamilie 11 Jan 2017

Wow, I am really convinced now. Thanks a lot for your advice. Maria

by Sewmum1 11 Jan 2017

There are a few cuties here with the janome 500e.
I have had mine for a year and I love it. I first used one when my local quilt shop had a demonstration day when they were first introduced here. They are user friendly and the quality of stitch outs is great compared to my older embroidery machine.

I wanted janome as the bobbins are all interchangeable with my other janomes. I don't know if brother uses the same size so this may be something to consider. I also like that I can hook it up to my computer and not have to use a usb to transfer the designs.

If you haven't already see if you can try one in the store. Maybe whilst yours is in for repair they may let you borrow a machine. Chances are though when you get it home you won't want to give it back! I have kept my older machine as a backup and to do small designs while my 500e is working away on larger projects but I honestly prefer the quality of stitching on my 500e any day.
Good luck with your machine repairs and your decision. If you buy the 500e I'm sure you will not be disappointed

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grossfamilie by grossfamilie 11 Jan 2017

Thank you so much. It is a great help to know from experienced Cuties like you that it is a good decision - I am 99% sure I'll buy it :-) Love - Maria