by manami 10 Jan 2017

Cockatoo 2! For almost 3 years I used to feed cockatoos but they stop coming. Maybe they got tired of sunflower seed :) Here a close up of two of them. The design is available on my website. I hope you like it! Hugs, Yoriko


by sandralochran 12 Jan 2017

Love them

by sonjapotgieter 11 Jan 2017

So Awesome!!!They beautiful...Great work

by lesleywynne 11 Jan 2017


by airyfairy 11 Jan 2017

Love this. My daughter has an umbrella cockatoo

by killiecrankie 10 Jan 2017

Nice cockies.
Too many sunflowers seeds are not good for parrots.The parrots always hunt through the wild bird seed mix for the sunflower seeds scattering & wasting the rest.Must be addictive but they never tried eating the sunflowers ,even a dead one we left out for them to pull apart.

by pennifold 10 Jan 2017

They mate for life Yoriko and if one dies they sometimes stop coming . Great job. Love ❤️ Chris

by noah 10 Jan 2017

Love them and i have never seen a real one hugs