by dixie 08 Jan 2017

Can anyone please tell me if they know any sites that do small animals in the hoop ones. I have a lot of teddies but I would like a few different ones I make a lot that we put into our Baby Parcels for needy Mums. I belong to Country Womens Association in South Australia

Thanks Val


by pcteddyb 09 Jan 2017

I know of some that are not free - if that works for you.... Dolls and Daydreams (some really cute new simple ones) and Sewing for Sarah (mostly more simple) and Sue has a new facebook group (Engineered in Stitches) where she offers designs and asks for a donation to a hospice in England (where she lives) and she has many of her stuffies on there now.

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dixie by dixie 09 Jan 2017

Thanks I will take a lot at these Val

by babash 08 Jan 2017

Urban Threads has a Rabbit quick and simple free.
Nonnie Noo has some lovely ones but not free.

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dixie by dixie 09 Jan 2017

Thanks will take a look Val

by vickiannette 08 Jan 2017

Hi Val, did you ever save any of the old DBC? Sue had an elephant called Ernie, a pocket doll and a dopey bunny. Martine aka mops, had a bunny, Smith&Smith had a white bunny. Have you joined the Facebook page set up by Sue Dewsbury? this allows downloads of her designs, subject to a couple of things. good luck, I too belong to SACWA in Elliston.

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dixie by dixie 09 Jan 2017

THANKS I did saved a few of these I will take a look at Sue Dewsbury facebook . Good to see we have another member on here. I have just stitched up 35 of the small toys as we are needing a lot to replenish the supply Val

by toogie 08 Jan 2017

Maybe check on Sew Forum, I'm not sure. Maybe someone else can help you.

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dixie by dixie 09 Jan 2017