by Lexienienaber 08 Jan 2017

I found your site in pinterest Is is possible to still get your previous freebies to purchase.


by rescuer Moderator 08 Jan 2017

All currently available designs are located in the Embroidery Designs tab. You will find thousands of designs. You can purchase them individually or purchase a subscription membership.
Welcome to Cute!

Lexienienaber by Lexienienaber 08 Jan 2017

Is is possible to search for a specific design

rescuer by rescuer 11 Jan 2017

Yes, if you know the category or tag the design would have, like Cat or Dog. You could also ask here as I have been here a long time and know many of the designs. The search is located on the left side of the Embroidery Designs. Then you can narrow your search with the tag words on the right of the page.