by toogie 05 Jan 2017

Cuties I don't think I told this on here, but I sold the tote I embroidered myself while on my trip.

If you remember, I had made a lobster/lighthouse bag for myself, my niece, and one for her to give. Well, the lady that I just made the tote for in Projects won the one my niece gave away. We used ours all week, even the lady that won hers. I have photos of me with mine at a lighthouse in Maine.
Well, not this woman but another on our trip, asked me if I had any to sell. I told her No, I had just made the three, and you know how I'm always teasing and laughing I said, "Unless you want mine!" SHE DID-lol- I told her I couldn't sell her mine, as I had used it the whole trip and what would I put my stuff in? She said, No problem, she'd get me something....she really was serious.
Arriving at our hotel again the last night in Maine, she once again ask if I wasn't ready to part with my bag. She really was persistent and most likely used to getting what she wanted.However, that night I slipped her a note and said I would sell mine to her and gave her a price.
The next morning, when my daughter went down for breakfast she encountered the lady. The lady asked my daughter if I really was going to sell my bag to her. When Marsha said yes, the lady gave her $5. more than I asked for! Of course when I went down with the bag, I gave the $5 back to the lady. She didn't want to take it at first but I told her I wouldn't feel right because I only wanted what I asked.
I was telling my niece and told her even ANOTHER lady wanted to buy one. I explained again how I had only made the three, the prize, my nieces and mine. When I told my neice how much I got for mine I told her it was up to her, if she sold hers or not. It really didn't matter to me as our trip was over and we were coming home. We had used them while we were there.
Hope you like my story about 'Your bag lady Toogie'-lol

ps. I told my daughter as bad as the lady wanted it, I ought to just give it to her. My daughter said No, you're not....and in case you're wondering, niece did sell the other bag for the same price but made me take the money..............then said don't forget, Colorado is in May!-lol


by gerryvb 09 Jan 2017

great picture, and I can imagine your bag is popular and loved.

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toogie by toogie 09 Jan 2017

Oh gosh I don't know about the photo, suns in eyes, beautiful though bright day!
At least I have a photo (somewhat) of the bag....

by airyfairy 07 Jan 2017

You see how popular your bags are. Everybody wants one. Wished you lived nearer you could give me some lessons. LOL.

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toogie by toogie 07 Jan 2017

I may would have to take lessons from you Sarah!-lol- Well I'm not sure about 'everybody' wanting my bags but this lady sure did!
I actually bought this bag and just embroidered on it and the purple one too.

by Sewmum1 07 Jan 2017

I can understand why she would want it. All your work is lovely.

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toogie by toogie 07 Jan 2017

You are too generous, but thanks.

by lbrow 06 Jan 2017

I think it's the height of compliments for someone to beg for your bag Toogie. Congratulations on the friends you have made./Lillian

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toogie by toogie 06 Jan 2017

One of the ladies had bought a 10 needle Babylock emb machine. She invited me to her home, an hour away from me to help her operate it. I told her I don't have a commercial machine so I don't know how. She bought it used but it looks brand new from an individual.
The woman that bought my blue bag here said she didn't want one like all the tourists had, she wanted mine because it wasn't any like it.

by lucy12345 06 Jan 2017

Great work!!

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toogie by toogie 06 Jan 2017

Thank you lucy12345!

by Barbaric 06 Jan 2017

Love the story, it sounds like you had a wonderful time.

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toogie by toogie 06 Jan 2017

I did thank you.

by dee 06 Jan 2017

I loved the story. Sounds like you enjoy life to the fullest. Way to go Great tote

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toogie by toogie 06 Jan 2017

Thanks dee-I had a nice time and several people from the trip have contacted me about going to Colorado in May. I keep telling them I'm not going.-lol

by dragonflyer 06 Jan 2017

Nice for you, Toogie...understandable why they would want the bags!

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toogie by toogie 06 Jan 2017

Thanks friend.

by 2newbie 05 Jan 2017

take extra to pay for the trip next time. cute bag.

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toogie by toogie 06 Jan 2017

My niece gave me this trip, that's why I made so much for her & for her to give. She was so good to me when I broke my leg, she planned me to go on this trip. I think because of her encouragement I did my physical therapy exercises more.

by katydid 05 Jan 2017

I love your stories! One heck of a tote bag! Kay

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toogie by toogie 06 Jan 2017

Thanks Kay, glad I could entertain you for awhile-lol

by noah 05 Jan 2017

Well make a few extra this time and be ready/****

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toogie by toogie 06 Jan 2017

I'm not going although 3 of the ladies I met from the Maine trip have called me & said if I'd go to Colorado in May, they would book to go.

by jrob Moderator 05 Jan 2017

What a great story. You need to pack 3-4 more on your next trip to have as extra's for sale.

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toogie by toogie 06 Jan 2017

Not planning ' my next trip' but IF I should go I should prepare uh?

by sandralane 05 Jan 2017

Toogie, a wonderful story, just shows you how unique and terrific your bags are. You shall have to take a stash of things with you when holidaying. Sandra.

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toogie by toogie 06 Jan 2017

Lol- I pack enough already. Glad you like my bag story.

by pennifold 05 Jan 2017

Great story Toogie, you should charge more than what you mentioned here. So much time and effort goes into making something like this. Love ❤️ Chris

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toogie by toogie 05 Jan 2017

I didn't really say what I charged, only that she wanted to pay me $5 more than the price I asked.
I embroidered this one the evening before I left and yes, it took a while, as it had about 25,000 stitches.