by nonna57 03 Jan 2017

Martine MOPS please i need your help . Your dolly you digitized so many yonks ago... this little one. Do i sew the back 1st then the front and la on top to emb close or by normal machine . Have a bad grey moment at the moment , it hurts :) sorry i cannot upload a pic. :(


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by spendlove Moderator edited 03 Jan 2017

If it was this one:
For colours 1, 2 and 7 use the colour of your material. I did this in pink, but also stitched one in blue. So choose your own favourite colours!

1. Hoop your stabiliser and stitch the placement line;

2. Place your material right side up and stitch colour 2;
3. stitch colour 3 – the eyes
4. stitch colour 4 - the trousers
5. stitch the buttons
6. place the back right side down on top of the embroidery and stitch the last colour.

Cut out , clip the edges, especially in the corners, turn , fill and close the opening by hand.

nonna57 by nonna57 03 Jan 2017

Thanks Sue , She is the one, Thought thats how it was done.. Thanks again for helping :)

mops by mops 08 Jan 2017

Thanks Sue for answering, I am sorry I only saw this just now.