by serendipity79 14d ago

Last but not least i finished off the year by stitching a small colony of penguins :) these are for the US Marines at my work, hopefully they will keep them as a memento of the time they served in my country. Thank you to dragonflyer who was so kind to let me use the design for this purpose.


by 2newbie 11d ago

Oh my someone has been very busy, they are so cute what a neat idea and putting names on them. Was this ITH project? can you tell me where I could find a pattern for them I would like to make them next year for the nieces and nephews.

by lucy12345 11d ago

Good work, I would love the design

by dragonflyer 11d ago

What a great job you did on these, Maria...I am sure the Marines will love to receive these to commemorate their time in Malta...thank you for remembering them with such a special gift.

by ethan 13d ago

Lovely, they are so nice to sew. great design

by pennifold 14d ago

Beautifully sewn well done love ❤️ Chris

by lbrow 14d ago

How wonderful of you/Lillian

by worthy 14d ago

What a lovely idea and memento, plus they can have them to hang on their tree as a wonderful memory. Great job.

by sewtired 14d ago

What nice work and such thoughtfulness. Thank you.

by 02kar Moderator 14d ago

Thanks so much for being so kind to the US Marines who have served in your country. Your many hours of time and effort are very much appreciated.

by pennyhal2 14d ago

What a thoughtful and kind gifts you have made. The details on these were time consuming and well worth your effort. The recipients will always remember your kindness!

by jrob Moderator 14d ago

What a kind remembrance.

by sonjapotgieter 14d ago

You did Fantastic job!!!!Great work...So Gorgeous!!

by carolpountney 14d ago

I just love these well done

by harleysville 14d ago

This is such a lovely gesture. Thank you.

by noah 14d ago

Awesome work they will love them for sure hugs

by bejoscha 14d ago

Beautiful penguins and very nice way to say good bye, you did well