by killiecrankie 02 Jan 2017

2 free candle bookmarks in the bookmark section at Liane Stitches.I found some other bookmarks there that I didn't have , so look through all of the designs.


by lilylady 03 Jan 2017

Beautiful, Thank You!

by marianb 03 Jan 2017

thank you

by greytgirl 03 Jan 2017

Thank you!

by PatriciaMothersell 03 Jan 2017

Thanks so much.

by sewmom 03 Jan 2017

Thank you, I didn't have the new ones either.

by topcat5 02 Jan 2017

They are in "Free Designs". Scroll down to the double columns. Look at the right-hand column and you will see the candles and a mouse bookmark. Click the pink box and it opens to those designs and many other free bookmarks, some to be stitched onto organza. The candles are very pretty. Thank you Killiecrankie for sharing the information with us.

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 03 Jan 2017

Thank you for the "bread crumbs" to the appreciate it....

topcat5 by topcat5 03 Jan 2017

It's my pleasure to be able to do something for someone who shares so much with us. And by the way, thank you for rounding out my flowers to 1700.

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 03 Jan 2017

Thank you...and also my pleasure to watch your garden grow...and Happy New Year!

by graceandham 02 Jan 2017

Thanks so much - I had seen the pic of them in the PE Design section, but no link to click! Very beautiful.

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dragonflyer by dragonflyer 02 Jan 2017

...leave me a breadcrumb trail to find these please...

by sdrise 02 Jan 2017

Thank You!!! Happy New year!!

by dragonflyer 02 Jan 2017

Thanks, but which tab has the "bookmarks" section?

by momac 02 Jan 2017

Thank you.

by cfidl 02 Jan 2017

I saw those in the kreativ section and thought, oh I would like to make these bookmarks. Thank you for finding them and thank you Liane, your designs are greatly appreciated.

by sewemb 02 Jan 2017

Thank you

by genin 02 Jan 2017

Thank you very much!

by flitter 02 Jan 2017

Thank you.