by serendipity79 16d ago

penultimate embroidery and gift before the end of the year! winter wonder dress for my daughter - which was meant for Christmas but got ready by New Year...and a cushion for my hairdresser who is also a Maria :) The Deer cross stitch i could have spread it out more but i got lazy to rehoop and squeezed three designs into one of my biggest hoop... such a pity especially when i have a 5x7 metal hoop which makes rehooping far easier. The cushion i am not convinced... the 'M' i should have chosen a brighter colour for the applique material... i feel it dosent pop enough... guess i'm getting tired..still one last batch of gifts to make and i'm done for this year ;)


by mgregg01 14d ago

just beautiful. I love the deer cross stitch. I have never seen a scene like that. Where did you get that from. thank you mary

by greysewist Moderator 15d ago

I think both of your projects look great. The scene on the dress does not look too crowded at all and the satin stitch on the edge of the M helps it to stand out enough. You will be a most popular gift maker :)

by pennyhal2 15d ago

The deer scene is gorgeous! Next year I'm getting an earlie start on my Christmas projects.

by cfidl 15d ago

all your projects look wonderful! I am sure they will be appreciated.

by lbrow 15d ago

Very beautifully done. /Lillian

by gitteh 15d ago

Both projects are lovely - but especially the dress, it's sooo cute!

by sonjapotgieter 16d ago

Stunning work done...Gorgeous

by noah 16d ago

excellent job on both hugs

by grossfamilie 16d ago

Love both - every project very stylish in its own way! You are a good
artist combining everything. I am confident that both - daughter and hair-stylist - will love their gifts. Thanks for sharing and wishing you a very good 2017- Maria (another one from Germany :-))

by sjbrower 16d ago

Nice work!

by dragonflyer 16d ago

Well done!

by meganne 16d ago

Absolutely gorgeous!

by pennifold 16d ago

Love ❤️ the dress, pillow gorgeous as well. Love ❤️ Chris

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serendipity79 by serendipity79 16d ago

thank you so much :)

by asterixsew Moderator 16d ago

I love the work that you have shared with us, you have a brilliant style

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serendipity79 by serendipity79 16d ago

thank you so much :) i am learning alot from all you cuties and than i give projects my personal touch!