by serendipity79 30 Dec 2016

and some more presents i finished off in the past two weeks...the brown material was pre quilted , reason as two why most of them got done from that material... i just needed to get them out fast!!! the beige ones i quilted and also hand sewn pearls since i only embroidered on one side... the heart design is a Kara's design. These were mostly gifts for my daughter's teachers. Sorry some pics keep on getting uploaded upside down :(


by crazypatchmama 02 Jan 2017

Really wonderful projects you made for the teachers. I am sure they appreciated your excellent workmanship. I still have so much to learn, thank you for the inspirations you gave us. Hugs, Mary

by noah 01 Jan 2017

Wowwwwwwwww some nice sewing here Well done Girly!!!!hugs

by lbrow 01 Jan 2017

You have done a tremendous lot of beautiful work. All are wonderful/Lillian

by pennifold 30 Dec 2016

They are all gorgeous. Well done to you for making so many of them. Love Chris

by Barbaric 30 Dec 2016

very nice.

by brendalea 30 Dec 2016

Wow sure is a lot of nice gifts. Great job on all of them.
Happy Stitching

by sonjapotgieter 30 Dec 2016

Excellent work done!!!Fantastic designs and purses!!!Beautiful!!!

by pennyhal2 30 Dec 2016

Very unique gifts for teachers! I'm glad you show the use of prequilted fabric. I've been thinking about using some but was a little leary of how the results might look. Yours look fantastic so I'll give it a try too.

Someone once said that if you are using your Iphone, if you hold the phone upside down when you take the photo, they come out upside down. I don't have an Iphone so I haven't been able to test that out.

by basketkase 30 Dec 2016

What a fantastic array of beautiful gifts.......well done!!

by lilylady 30 Dec 2016

Thanks for different looks and designs, well done!

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lilylady by lilylady 30 Dec 2016

One more time,
Thanks for showing us different looks and designs, well done!

by judyoake 30 Dec 2016

These will be well loved by their recipients! How wonderful of you to have taken the time to make these special gifts.

by grossfamilie 30 Dec 2016

So beautiful - every single project you show us here. Thanks a lot!
Special thanks again as I noted one of your cute bags obiviously is for me :-) - the one named Maria (just kidding) Big hugs and a Happy 2017 with lots of stitching - Maria

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serendipity79 by serendipity79 31 Dec 2016

hehe... my name is also Maria :) and i still havent had the time to stitch one out for me :)

by dragonflyer 30 Dec 2016

They are all lovely...I am sure all of the teachers were thrilled to get one!

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serendipity79 by serendipity79 31 Dec 2016

yes they were! i loved their expression when they opened the present and saw them :) the three really girly ones where for my daughter's guiders - since she goes to girl guides

by Smokey12 30 Dec 2016

Yes, you were a busy elf. The had beaded ones are gorgeous. Very elegant zip bags as well. Great work. You have shared some great ideas.

by baydreamer 30 Dec 2016

A perfect gift for a teacher! They must have been thrilled!

by sandralane 30 Dec 2016

You have been extremely busy with all these wonderful gifts, they are terrific designs and beautifully made. Well done, I am sure that these will be cherished by the recipients . Sandra.

by bemara 30 Dec 2016

you were quite diligent :-)