by awesome1 29 Dec 2016

Can anyone tell me what this is supposed to be? Browsing my designs, I found a folder of Xmas designs that have been in my computer so long I had forgotten them. My puzzlement is the stitched square around the wreath. It's a pretty design of the wreath, but what do the other lines represent. Size is abt 4x5 inches total. I've done a 'draw ribbon' stitch out on screen, but the straight lines tell me nothing. I have several of these type xmas designs in the folder. My bad...I didn't save more info. Thanks for any info.


by killiecrankie 29 Dec 2016

Depending on your software,these lines could represent the edge of the hoop & the centre horizontal & vertical lines inside the hoop

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awesome1 by awesome1 30 Dec 2016

I rather like the idea of basting--never used a design with that already built in. I normally do that seperately.

by sewist1 29 Dec 2016

What name do you have for it? It looks familiar. I've had a quick search through my 'wreath designs" but didn't find it so I thought it must be under another name.

awesome1 by awesome1 30 Dec 2016

Actually, I had saved no info other than it is a folder titled Xmas Wish--there are 11 designs in the folder--some bells (all appear to be off center, lamps---some corners--but the folder has been in my computer for yrs and yrs!

sewist1 by sewist1 30 Dec 2016

Is the picture you have put up an actual machine embroidery file or a JPG of a design? I agree with killercrankie. It looks like a picture of a design in the old Janome Customizer software. Originally designs were not centred on the Janome 8000 and 9000 and a clothsetter was used to line up the designs where you wanted them .

sewist1 by sewist1 30 Dec 2016

If it is an actual design it must have a name or a number.

awesome1 by awesome1 31 Dec 2016

It is an actual design being displayed in my pulse ambassador and I made a screen shot rather than saving the design as a jpg. Yes, actual design. As I stated before, I did not save info waaaay back when I started putting designs into folders. However, the folder is named Xmas wishes & I do not think I, myself, named it that. But age has a way of confusing you. I use .pes format, and may have converted a Janome design. Hope I have cleared it up as much as I can...and I appreciate those who saw the basting lines and knew what it was. What a pretty design (as all off them are) to put on a coaster set.

awesome1 by awesome1 31 Dec 2016

Sewist1, this is not in a folder of wreaths..not specified as wreaths. There are bells, teddies, post lamps, corner designs...just various holiday designs.

sewist1 by sewist1 31 Dec 2016

Just attempting to help answer your question. In early days before we had larger hoops large designs were achieved by joining designs together using templates. I still have a couple of the old Janome cards and the templates. The templates look like the picture you have shown. The little cross is not in the centre like the more modern machines(and software) would be. You used the templates to line up the designs and looking at the separate designs you would say they are off centre. Is it possible the designs in your folder are part of a larger design arrangement and the "basting stitches" are actually to line up a number of designs together?

awesome1 by awesome1 01 Jan 2017

Impossible that they represent parts of a larger design. Sorry, but I think it is just basting as others suggested.

sewist1 by sewist1 edited 01 Jan 2017

There was a discussion recently on a software group when someone wanted to save a design in an area of the hoop other than the centre Their machine kept centering it. The solution was to put a basting stitch around it. Then it stays put in the machine - because the machine then centres the basting stitch. In that case there is no need to stitch the basting stitch out you just forward to the next colour stop.

by pennifold 29 Dec 2016

Yes, I agree with everyone - I think it's a basting outline. Supposedly the design is meant to be centred, but looking at your picture you can see the top hanger part is not in alignment with the central line. Love Chris

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awesome1 by awesome1 29 Dec 2016

I did not notice that! What a sharp eye you have Thank you for bringing it to my attn

by rachap 29 Dec 2016

I thought maybe it was supposed to be a window frame.

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awesome1 by awesome1 29 Dec 2016

Well, I just didn't know why the lines were there! My last thot was 'perhaps a coaster with quilting lines.'

by mops Moderator 29 Dec 2016

It is a basting line. The strange thing is that the design is not centred in the box.

awesome1 by awesome1 29 Dec 2016

You are so right! Didn't see that myself. Thanks, you smart cuties. Now I can proceed to add this info to the folder.

killiecrankie by killiecrankie 29 Dec 2016

The reason the design doesn't seem to be centred,is that the hanger has been taken into account when the centre of the design was determined by the computer,hence the wreath looks out of whack.

awesome1 by awesome1 30 Dec 2016

easy enough to correct in my software. THX for that!

mops by mops 30 Dec 2016

It's not just the hanger, it's the whole design that is off centre.
You are right, in software it's easily corrected.

by pennyhal2 29 Dec 2016

That's a basting box. I like this box better than the ones I have because it has a mark where the center of the design is. On the other hand, it looks like the design stitches into the design itself so if you stitch it and want to remove it afterwards, it might require extra effort. If you don't want to stitch out the box, you probably can delete it in your software. Or you can just skip that thread when you go to stitch it out.

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awesome1 by awesome1 29 Dec 2016

I don't think I have ever used a design with the basting "built in". Neat!

by katydid 29 Dec 2016

The x in the left corner may be a mark to line up continuous stitch designs. Kay

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awesome1 by awesome1 29 Dec 2016

Maybe, but the folder has corners as well as "centered" designs.

by CymbleneJones 29 Dec 2016

I think the lines around the design are basting stitches with the center marked by the small x.

crafter2243 by crafter2243 29 Dec 2016

That would be my thought

awesome1 by awesome1 29 Dec 2016

Well, I never!! I don't feel very smart right now! Thank you all for clearing that up. Maybe I should have just hauled off and stitched one out...but I doubt it would have clarified for me. LOL