by spendlove 21d ago

I've been working on this one for ages. The outside is hand stitched (English paper pieced with 2cm hexagons.) The left hand panel (with the pockets) is made ITH and has spaces for a small notebook, pencils and other bits and pieces. The large pocket on the right takes an A5 sketch pad. The whole thing has a hard backed book cover inside which made the binding tricky. That is my excuse for the dodgy corners!


by peafarm 19d ago

Bravo! It's beautiful. I saw a lady on t.v. doing some kind of folding and hand stitching to create this style quilting. I've put a few together that way BUT good thing I did a sample because now I've forgotten how. Laying in a bag with some good ole other unfinished things to do.

by grandmeaux1 19d ago

This is really cute. You must have a lot of patience. Had I been trying to put this together it would have been in the trash very soon. I admire anyone who quilts. I have tried several times to quilt. My grandmother, mother and aunts made lovely things but I just never got the knack for it.

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spendlove by spendlove 19d ago

Paper piecing is very easy and relaxing. Find a Youtube video and have another try!

by katydid 20d ago

I see many hours of work here. Well done.

by castor 20d ago

what a great idea maybe I will copy something to do when watching telly

by christracey 20d ago

Well done Sue, lots of do you get everything done?

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spendlove by spendlove 20d ago

I like to have some hand stitching to do while wayching TV. It keeps me awake!

by lulu07 20d ago

Wow, turned out great!

by sandralane 20d ago

Sue a lot of tedious work, but such a stunning result. Love your ideas. Sandra.

by lbrow 20d ago

Love it! Reminds me of the pattern "Grandmother,s Garden.I love this/Lillian

by pennifold 20d ago

Oh! my goodness Sue, 2cm hexagons, I couldn't even fold the sides over they would be so small, you must have very dainty hands. My hands are huge (thanks to my dear old Dad). This is an amazing piece of sewing, you are an artiste for sure. Love Chris

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spendlove by spendlove 20d ago

My hand are not at all dainty, Chris!

by rescuer Moderator 20d ago

Beautiful work.
I would never have thought to look for dodgy corners -- so don't tell anyone and they will never notice!

by zoefzoef 21d ago

what an art work ! yes for use it must have taken some time to finish this

by baydreamer 21d ago

A very small labor of love! Wonderful

by kathymourie 21d ago

Very nice!!!

by sonjapotgieter 21d ago

It is So Beautiful!!!!Great and Gorgeous work done!!!

by noah 21d ago

You do such nice work hugs

by dragonflyer 21d ago

Lots of stitching! Great job

by dailylaundry 21d ago

Absolutely beautiful!

by jrob Moderator 21d ago

This is fabulous!
So, maybe that's what I should do with the Grandmother's Flower Garden squares that I've been working on for 8 years (mostly off, but sometimes on). Doesn't look like I'm getting close enough to a queen size quilt. Mine is done by hand and I was enthusiastic enough to believe that I would also hand quilt it. Best intentions.

spendlove by spendlove 20d ago

I find the hand stitching of the hexagons extremely relaxing and I can take it on trips easily. Don't forget to show us a picture of what you do with yours!

lbrow by lbrow 20d ago

I knew it reminded me of Grandmother's flower garden.. Just keep on Jerrilyn. One day it will be a winner/Lillian

jrob by jrob 20d ago

I hope I can finish it. Maybe when school starts back.

by tricotine31 21d ago

Bravo, superbe travail !!!

by asterixsew Moderator 21d ago

Excellent work, this must have taken quite a while to make

by MuseandSew 21d ago

Lots of work! Love your hexagons.

by jenne 21d ago

I love to work with this hexagon pattern so many variables, you design look great.

by gwillmann 21d ago

Great cover, I love your flower piecing

by carolpountney 21d ago

Very nice

by bejoscha 21d ago

Beautiful and it is worth all the work!

by mops Moderator 21d ago

Wow! Lots of work and a lovely result! Nice job, well done!