by shirlener88 26 Dec 2016

Embroidered LACE Snow Banner, Door or Window Hanger. This design is from Ace Points. Six pieces that interlock with each other to make a very fun LACE design.


by claudenicolas 02 Jan 2017

Beautiful work!

by jrob Moderator 30 Dec 2016

I love this little snowman. What a perfect hanging for this time of year, unless of course you are sweltering in Australia or another county "down-under".

by cfidl 30 Dec 2016

Very Cute!

by sharonleekesner 27 Dec 2016

I looked every where on Ace Points for this and cannot find it. Looked at all 16 pages. Did a search on OPW and found many lovely things but not this. Do you have a number for this? I would really appreciate any help. By the way, "he" is lovely. Lot of work but gorgeous.

lilylady by lilylady 27 Dec 2016

Go to Ace Points, not OPW On left go to christmas page 6 second design.

lilylady by lilylady 27 Dec 2016

Ace Points Embroidery

brendalea by brendalea 27 Dec 2016

AP2096 - FSL Snow - Here is the number and it is $25.00
If you go under FSL lace and type in snowman in the search it is on the first page. Happy Stitching

holly12 by holly12 27 Dec 2016

Love this design. Thinking of making it for my daughters. Good to see you. Arlene

lilylady by lilylady 27 Dec 2016

It's on sale $10.00 now, I got it this morning!

kathymourie by kathymourie 27 Dec 2016

I got it the afternoon from Secrets of Embroidery for $10.00

sharonleekesner by sharonleekesner 28 Dec 2016

Thank all of you Ladies for responding to my plea. I'm off to purchase! Well actually I'm probably just "off" anyway. Thanks again

sharonleekesner by sharonleekesner 28 Dec 2016

Almost missed him. He's blue and I was so excited I passed right over him, went back, looked again and there he was. He's mine now. Thank you.

by lbrow 27 Dec 2016

Love it/Lillian

by meganne 27 Dec 2016

This is fabulous Shirlene. It must have taken ages to stitch it out, but is worth all the time and effort it took as it is so unique I could see kiddies everywhere loving it.
hugs n roses, meg

by sonjapotgieter 27 Dec 2016

So Beautiful!!!Clever and Awesome design..Love it!!!Beautiful

by pennifold 27 Dec 2016

This is gorgeous Shirlene, I'd love some cool weather as it's absolutely boiling here today in Newcastle. Overnight didn't get below 22C which makes for an uncomfortable night sleeping and with Amy's dog right next to me too! I'm dog-sitting this week! Love Chris

by 1ladyb 27 Dec 2016

Very neat design. I love FSL, Good to see you Shirlene.

by dragonflyer 26 Dec 2016

Very cute!

by christracey 26 Dec 2016

This design is lovely, wouldn't mind some here now it's terribly hot. (Australia)

by dailylaundry 26 Dec 2016

Lots of snow here! Merry Christmas, Shirlene! Beautiful stitching! Loads of love, Laura

by bejoscha 26 Dec 2016

It looks great! well done

by noah 26 Dec 2016

Need any snow ??I got some i will sale you cheap???
Love your snowman hugs

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bejoscha by bejoscha 26 Dec 2016

I will some snow! We don't have any and I love cross-country skiing...