by graceandham 26 Dec 2016

Next Christmas will be different. Have you said that this week? I just now spotted a cute idea on Urban Threads -- okay, I wasn't paying attention -- on how to embroider on your package ribbons. Stash this one away for next time.


by jrob Moderator 27 Dec 2016

Um, no, I don't think that's for me. LOL. It's lovely, of course, I'm just not going to go to all of that trouble for it to get plopped in the trash. hahaha

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graceandham by graceandham 27 Dec 2016

Maybe the hair ribbons, then! At my house bows get used over and over!

by marianb 27 Dec 2016

thank you looks very interesting will have to try out

by babash 27 Dec 2016

Not just useful for Christmas. Could do names on it for hair ribbons or on bags. Imagination is endless.

by jgwatchorn 26 Dec 2016

a great idea !! good spotting to find it ...

by sandyqueen 26 Dec 2016

I'm thinking of other occasions this would work for also.