by babash 25 Dec 2016

Just thought I would pass on a hint for anyone using WSS on top of Towels.

I was racing against time yesterday Christmas Eve and my machine broke the threads twice even after slowing the machine right down.
I was getting hot and sweaty but thought I can stand the heat for another half hour. Then it dawned on me. The Humidity was making the WSS sticky and acting just like Cling Wrap. I shut windows and doors and put Air Con on and no more drama's.
So next time you are having machine problems think it may not be the machine but the atmosphere it has to work in.
Project finished and Dog next door very happy with his own name towel.


by Kampfzwerg 01 Jan 2017

Hello Dear, have you ever tried to iron it dry before using? Put the WSS between two sheets of bakingpaper and iron it on medium heat. Ironing the WSS between bakingpaper is a good method if you need a stronger type of WSS. Just put two layers of WSS between the bakingpaper sheets, iron on medium heat, let cool. Works great with FSL.
Happy New Year from Germany

babash by babash 02 Jan 2017

The WSS I am talking about is the plastic type. Here in Australia with the Summer in some parts of our country it gets very hot and sticky like the tropics. This makes the clear plastic WSS act like sticky tape. Once it gets cold it goes back to normal. Ironing it would not help but perhaps make it worse. I can see your suggestion working with the fabric type of WSS. I will remember that for when I do lace. Thank You.
Happy New Year from Australia.

Kampfzwerg by Kampfzwerg 05 Jan 2017

Dear Barbara, i found some helpful hints on you tube:

by aussiequilter 01 Jan 2017

I had the same problems ,its very frustrating

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babash by babash 02 Jan 2017

It sure is.

by smokeythecat 31 Dec 2016

I swear my wss has been softer and not as strong since moving to a more humid place

sewist1 by sewist1 31 Dec 2016

Do you keep it sealed in plastic or airtight container?

smokeythecat by smokeythecat 01 Jan 2017

i was wrapping the roll in a trash bag, but kinda got lazy and its been out for a while. it was pretty much right away when i moved but it hasnt gotten any worse since

babash by babash 02 Jan 2017

smokeythecat once the weather cools down it will stiffen up again. But I do keep mine if cut in a zip lock bag or if on a roll in a plastic bag.

by lulu07 28 Dec 2016

Thank you for the tip.

by pennyhal2 28 Dec 2016

Great problem solving skills! Thanks for sharing the tip.

by killiecrankie 25 Dec 2016

Never thought of this causing trouble.Probably the cause of all my troubles on Christmas eve ,I was dripping.No air con here,just sea breezes.
Have had the sticky tape coming off when wrapping presents.

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babash by babash 28 Dec 2016

I am close to the ocean but we don't get the Sea breezes we used to since the high rises went up all over the place.

by nonna57 25 Dec 2016

Barabra , i had the same prob here :...2hrs away from you":)... With my SS gift. Thought O No my new 500e is playing up. .. But as you did so did i and Tarda!!! all done. , Have a good week x

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babash by babash 28 Dec 2016

I think if it gets too humid the wss sticks to the foot a bit causing problems. Glad you got it sorted.

by gramsbear 25 Dec 2016

Thanx & Merry Christmas!!!

by PeggyJ 25 Dec 2016

Who would have ever thought. Good problem solving. Seems like there is a check off list every time I sit at my machine. The more experience the longer this check off list becomes. MERRY CHRISTMAS

by graceandham 25 Dec 2016

I live above a pond and at a lake, so I keep my WSS in Ziploc bags. Glad you fixed the issue. Oh, and Merry Christmas. It's here - no more last minute stitching.

by greysewist Moderator 25 Dec 2016

Good thinking! Thanks for sharing such a great tip with us all.

by zoefzoef 25 Dec 2016

Yes, sometimes you have to rethink everything. Great you could finish the towels

by marianb 25 Dec 2016

Thanks would never have thought about the working temp.

by dididwiar 25 Dec 2016

Thank you for that tip!! Merry Christmas!