by kathymourie 23 Dec 2016

Update on Malachi. Ryan posted last night that Malachi looked up to him. What a great feeling. He is still on monitors and oxygen. Thank all Cuties for your prayers.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!!!


by toogie 24 Dec 2016

Very encouraging Kathy. I pray Christmas and a New Year is full of hope and promises, for mended relationships for you and family, and good health for little Malachi & everyone. May God bless you-Toogie

by 02kar Moderator 24 Dec 2016

I add my prayers for a wonderful Christmas for the family and Malachi. I hope Malachi continues to improve. Please keep us updated.

by graceandham 23 Dec 2016

This is very encouraging. I am praying for your relationship with them both. Blessed Christmas.

by lbrow 23 Dec 2016

To God be the Glory, Great things He has done./ Lillian

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jrob by jrob 23 Dec 2016


by jeanfoz 23 Dec 2016

Aww bless, great news, Jean xx

by crafter2243 Moderator 23 Dec 2016

Ahhhhh. Praying for continued recovery. Merry Christmas.