by pennyhal2 23 Dec 2016

If you have a fabric that bleeds, will rayon threads absorb the color?

I have a red sweatshirt that I was going to use some rayon thread on. While I don't normally prewash sweatshirts, I did this one and it bled. It is an 85/15 poly cotton so I was surprised.

Unfortunately, there was a wet kitchen towel hidden in the bottom of the washer from the previous wash. It is now pink. It was 100% cotton, so I soaked it in bleach, but that did not help. Oh well. I don't mind pink.


by babash 27 Dec 2016

I would think the fabric wouldn't bleed anymore now it has been washed.

by toogie 23 Dec 2016

I don't know the answer to the question of the threads but I recently forgot some baby clothes in my washer overnight. It had a red plaid shirt that got red color on the other clothing. I soaked them altogether, even the red plaid , because the white color in the plaid was pink, in OxiClean. It all came out and all that was suppose to be white is white again. Good luck!

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pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 25 Dec 2016

Thanks! I have OxiClean and will give it a try on the towel.