by mops Moderator 20 Dec 2016

Baby coat from remnants. The smaller a pocket the more a difference of a few millimetres shows up. And as I did trust myself enough I digitised the outline and made them in the hoop.

Next time I want to use them I'll digitise a placement line as well


by Sewmum1 29 Dec 2016

This is so cute. The pockets make it even cuter

by vickiannette 28 Dec 2016

good thinking, as it is quite difficult to sew 'small' and in a rounded design especially so. I love making baby things, so satisfying.

by pennifold 28 Dec 2016

Looks so cheerful Marine, I love it and what a great use of leftover fabrics. Love Chris

by noah 28 Dec 2016

cute for sure hugs

by lbrow 21 Dec 2016

This is so sweet Martine. Love it/Lillian

by spendlove Moderator 20 Dec 2016

Lovely job. Isn't it great that our embroidery machines are so versatile?

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mops by mops 20 Dec 2016

It certainly is.

by maggiecal 20 Dec 2016

It looks adorable - and warm :-)

by crafter2243 Moderator 20 Dec 2016

Those colors are so cheerful. Hope you got the push button issue solved. This outfit will be loved I am sure.

by graceandham 20 Dec 2016

My grandmother said "You'll never see it on a trotting horse." Love the jacket.

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mops by mops 20 Dec 2016

Mine did too, my mother however expected perfection at all times.

by jrob Moderator 20 Dec 2016

The placket difference is all there is and it's not really a problem. This is adorable and I'm sure will be well loved.

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mops by mops 20 Dec 2016

Thank you. I ran into a problem afterwards: the push buttons are hard to open :( I think I'll close and open them a few more times to see if that will help. Otherwise I might have to do buttons and buttonholes...

by cfidl 20 Dec 2016

I think it is adorable and the youngster will never notice! Lol!

by toogie 20 Dec 2016

So very cute! I just love sewing for babies, don't you. You are so smart to digitize the pocket and placement....I can barely manage to turn the computer on......

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mops by mops 20 Dec 2016

Thanks, toogie. In this case it is dead easy to digitise, just a few lines. I am a dummy as far as social media are concerned, and I really don't want to know seeing how much time my grands spend on their phones.