by baydreamer 16 Dec 2016

A Christmas stocking for a new baby boy. The Santa is from Urban threads but I removed the back stitches for an airy look . The reindeer is part of a design from Embroidery Library. Now the question to bling or not to bling?

Thanks for looking!


by Shisha 10 Feb 2017

I think this is just beautiful!!!

by gerryvb 23 Dec 2016

it's beautiful, a little bling would add some extra I suppose, but it's lovely without also .

by meganne 23 Dec 2016

Truly a lovely stocking, with or without bling.

by grossfamilie 17 Dec 2016

wow - That is a great stocking! A little bit of bling will be fine too but even without it's just gorgeous. I am just sad to be a "little girl" instead of a little boy :-) But if I am good maybe I'll get one nice stocking next year?
Wishing you a merry Christmas time - Maria

by lhart 17 Dec 2016

Great design, the font is perfect! Bling it and fill it! Merry Christmas!

by sandralane 17 Dec 2016

It is lovely, and just the time for lots of bling yes go ahead. Sandra.

by dragonflyer 16 Dec 2016

Beautiful stocking to be used for many years to come...

by graceandham 16 Dec 2016

Very nice work. No bling - Just fill it!

by 02kar Moderator 16 Dec 2016

I would like with bling or as is. I know it will be treasured.

by noah 16 Dec 2016

yep BLING IT!!!!!!Love it tooooooooooo:):)hugs

by pennyhal2 16 Dec 2016

I like it just as it is too! Combining designs from different places and having them go together can be tricky, but you made a fantastic use of those designs.

by maggiecal 16 Dec 2016

I'm the opposite - no bling. The baby to toddler could choke on any bling that comes off. I have a lovely photo of my great nephew chewing on the stocking I'd made him AND it'll be so much easier to wash if you keep it the materials it's made of (little boys, candy in the stocking ...). It is lovely as is.

crafter2243 by crafter2243 16 Dec 2016

Good thinking. I also love it just the way it is.

baydreamer by baydreamer 16 Dec 2016

yikes to late !

by sjbrower 16 Dec 2016

I'd vote for bling for Christmas too! This is a gorgeous keepsake stocking. Very nice work combining designs for a beautiful overall design.

by toogie 16 Dec 2016

Christmas has lots of 'bling' so I say go for it! Very nice job you've done,too.