by stock 16 Dec 2016

Day of the dead dolls from Dolls and daydreams, I really like them stitched out great, thought

I would give them some friends, girl is holding a teddy bear, the scull fabric was a charity store bargan, I seem to have had it forever, kept getting it out for other things and rejecting it, now I glad I have it....wendy


by lbrow 18 Dec 2016

good job/Lillian

by stock 18 Dec 2016

at the market, SAturday, I had a little girl not yet three , who could name dacula , skeleton, said the green hair one was the mad hatter, small girl chose the skeleton, makes you wonder what they watch on tv, tanks again for your comments...wendy

by sonjapotgieter 17 Dec 2016

So Cool and cute designs!!!Well done

by katydid 17 Dec 2016

These are not my interest, but I see many hours of work here and you did a terrific job. I dare say , you could sell them easily if you desired . Kay

by cmcpeek 17 Dec 2016

Those are super cool. I love the day of the dead doll.

by sandralane 17 Dec 2016

Quite a collection, not my sort of things to make. However you have done a fantastic job with all these. Well done. Sandra.

by stock 17 Dec 2016

thanks for all your comments....wendy

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stock by stock 17 Dec 2016

the sculll on skeleton from Urban ?

by sewmadau 16 Dec 2016

Is it alright to ask for the name of the designers. I have seen several lovely works by Cuties but they never seem to give the name or place where one can purchase the sets.

From Oz

by Lapipi 16 Dec 2016

May i please ask where i can purchase these designs

by Lapipi 16 Dec 2016

May i please ask where i can purchase these designs

by maggiecal 16 Dec 2016

Gorgeous! I may need to go pick up a few of these designs and I'd thought I was done buying deigns for a bit :-)

by sjbrower 16 Dec 2016

Yes... very interesting collection, and nicely done! Thanks for sharing your work.

by dragonflyer 16 Dec 2016

Quite the assortment you have...

by lilylady 16 Dec 2016

your projects are always interesting, great work on these.

by baydreamer 16 Dec 2016

Wow, you out did yourself!

by pennifold 16 Dec 2016

Very different, I don't anyone who celebrates the day of the dead here in Australia, but I know it is becoming popular. I know one our grand-daughters is very much into Monster high which has vampiresses but that's about it. Love Chris

by serendipity79 16 Dec 2016

wow! really cool :) i love!