by serendipity79 15 Dec 2016

Penguins fixation :)

This is what's currently under my needle! I'm doing personalised cosmetic bags for my daughter's teachers as a Christmas presents. Still have 3 more to go and still looking for the perfect penguin design :) - the applique one is my preferred one...both these took alot of my time to sew out. Hope that they appreciate my efforts and sleepless nights!


by lbrow 17 Dec 2016

Great job. Teacher will love this/Lillian

by anitapatch 17 Dec 2016

So sweet. Pinguins are on the top at the moment. They have to love them

by zoefzoef 17 Dec 2016

very nice ! for sure they will love it !

by sandralane 17 Dec 2016

Great work. Sandra.

by sewdeb 15 Dec 2016

Oh, these are precious! They're going to love them - I sure do!

by crazypatchmama 15 Dec 2016

Love the penguin. Am sure the teacher of your daughter will appreciate this bag.

by pennifold 15 Dec 2016

Hi Serendipity, these look great and I'm sure your daughter's teachers will appreciate all the hard work and sleepless nights you have put into these gorgeous little bags. There are some cute Penguins on here, I've put the link below for you. Love Ch

by sonjapotgieter 15 Dec 2016

Stunning bags,,,Great work done...Beautiful!!!

by dragonflyer 15 Dec 2016

Very nice...I am sure the teachers will love them!

by basketkase 15 Dec 2016

Beautifully done......

by stork 15 Dec 2016

I have always loved penguins.....these are very cute. Great job!

by mops Moderator 15 Dec 2016

Those penguins look great, the teacher will love their gift!

by airyfairy 15 Dec 2016

Love your work. I also like the appliqué one best

by crafter2243 Moderator 15 Dec 2016

Love the penguins. Like you I like the applique one the best. .

by marfa 15 Dec 2016

so cute! well done

by noah 15 Dec 2016

Great job on your sewing hugs

by cfidl 15 Dec 2016

These are quite adorable. I am sure the teachers will appreciate them.

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serendipity79 by serendipity79 15 Dec 2016

thank you :)

by spendlove Moderator 15 Dec 2016

Well done!

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serendipity79 by serendipity79 15 Dec 2016

thank you :)