by peafarm 13 Dec 2016

Tried my first pair of AG doll sandals as seen on a YouTube video. I so loved them but as you can see they look a little rough. Oh well, they'll go with the doll's bathing suit and the rest of the beach gear I made her. Another Christmas gift. May venture in to making another pair---after Christmas


by crafter2243 Moderator 29 Dec 2016

You did great. Those tiny things are the hardest projects to deal with. Not much material but double the effort. I bet she loved them.

by peafarm 29 Dec 2016

Well with Christmas over now I can tell you I have to make modifications with the ribbon at the back ankle area fits. She's brought them over. I also had to make modifications to the denim skirt, just a tad tight where hips/rear of doll is so got that fixed today for her. Got to glue on a jewel and velcro to hold on the shawl I knitted for her doll and one of the doll hair clip bows came off so she took a bobby pin to the bow and I sald maybe we could glue on a broken jewel pin to the clip---so more doll work to do. She's happy though.

by basketkase 14 Dec 2016

How adorable.....I can't imagine working with something so tiny....great job!

by toogie 14 Dec 2016

I think they are cute and your little grand daughter won't be judging you.-
Christmas needs to come every month for you, as you really are 'on the ball' so to speak. You're turning out projects, left and right!

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peafarm by peafarm 14 Dec 2016

Toogie--don't feel like sewing much--her presents are done! Got a bunny towell and cuff of a Christmas stocking left to do for other 2 great-granddaughters. New baby girl born on Nov 4 and her sister is 2 1/2. You know exactly what I mean.

by Sewmum1 14 Dec 2016

Very cute, you have done well with them. They will definitely give lots of playtime fun

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peafarm by peafarm 14 Dec 2016

She'll love them. So many things on her list but Christmas presents are done.