by asterixsew Moderator 13 Dec 2016

After a very long wait the sewing room in our new house is READY. Exciting as the eldest grandchild used to say. Picture 1 shows my other half making some minor adjustment to my PR machine that has just been moved in. Picture 2 shows it in place. It has just been moved a very short distance from through the door from the bottom of the stairs where I kept catching the table with my leg as I walked past. Picture 3 the man who has made the room into my new sewing room. I have been given strict instructions to keep the room tidy :( something I will find difficult. Two tables and storage are in the delivery system and will arrive next week. More pictures to follow when the room is finished and before a mess is made. If anyone has tips on sewing without a mess please pass them on.


by 02kar Moderator 14 Dec 2016

Hurray for you and your machine. I say, do the best you can and enjoy making this space your sewing room. I hope you will be stitching soon while surrounded with your stash of fabric and notions and thread.

by toogie 14 Dec 2016

Tips for sewing without a mess:

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pcteddyb by pcteddyb 14 Dec 2016

I am taking this as "no comment" - fun!

by jrob Moderator 14 Dec 2016

I have no suggestions on how to sew without a mess. I'm of the school, don't try to squash my creativity. :)
I'm so happy for you to have a room and for your machine to have a home where she won't be accosting you everytime you pass. (I think she may have just been lonely).

by dennis999 14 Dec 2016

Wonderful news Caroline to see that you are finally in your dedicated own sewing space. I think that it's good to be starting off with a blank canvas so to speak with the embroidery machine being the important element around which everything else will flow. Everyone works differently and so it is for you to put your own stamp on the layout arrangements. Have fun with it all.

by meganne 14 Dec 2016

Caroline I am so thrilled for you. They say all good things come to those who wait! :-)

It would be fantastic having an actual room, with walls and a door, so you can shut it on the mess while you're working on projects that take more than a day. I am so envious because I'm still waiting. LOL!!!
Hugs n roses, Meg

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airyfairy by airyfairy 14 Dec 2016

And me. LOL

by marianb 14 Dec 2016

I'm afraid Caroline there is no such thing as sewing without a mess, look forward to more photo's.. Marian

by airyfairy 13 Dec 2016

Wonderful news Caroline. Your walls are the same colour as my sewing/ sitting room. My only tip is to tidy up as you go along. I make a terrible mess when I am sewing but I make sure it is all tidy again by the end of the day. Enjoy your new room and looking forward to more pictures.

by lbrow 13 Dec 2016


by babash 13 Dec 2016

I find it impossible to sew Embroider without making a bit of a mess. I have bins all over the place but still end up with some on the floor. If you get too focused on making no mess you will not use or enjoy your room.
So what if you have to spend 10 minutes doing a floor clean when projects are finished. I bought what I call a Dog broom it has rubber bristles and is designed to pick up dog hair from carpet. I give it a quick sweep with this and most of the loose threads are scooped up. It also stops it from jamming up the bristles on the Vac head which takes forever to pull off.
Main thing is enjoy your room and shut the door if you get weary leave the mess and go back next day to finish your project.

by joansatx 13 Dec 2016

Happy for you!

by Smokey12 13 Dec 2016

Glad your baby is at home and out of your legs way. Your room looks big in the pics. I agree with Rescurer with putting things in tubs under tables. It helps things look neat and still accessible. I vacuum my floor every day I sew. That's the only tip I have besides, Enjoy Your Room :)

by crafter2243 Moderator 13 Dec 2016

No advise here. I always seem to make a mess as fast as I clean it up. Glad you will not get any additional bruises.Baby found its place.

by rescuer Moderator 13 Dec 2016

Keep it tidy...use old cheap sheets to make a skirt around the table. Then store clutter items in clear storage shelves. I use clear plastic boxes to store my fabric. If you use boxes stacked under the table, you could use a light weight board for any current project and move it under the table, atop the boxes, when not in the room. I have 2 armoires I use for my sewing room stash. I also have claimed the tops of closets and a rolling shelf in the basement for the rest of my fabric. Use your walls if possible by adding shelves. Good luck! Enjoy the room to create!

by maleah 13 Dec 2016

Looks wonderful. Now to get the "fabric stash" in.. Good Luck. Happy sewing :)

by pennifold 13 Dec 2016

How exciting Caroline. I love the big PR machine and hope it can stay there now. Looking forward to seeing everything in situ.

Funny you mention about keeping sewing room clean. On Monday Meg commented on how neat and tidy my sewing room is, but it's just the layout and I have 4 bins to put waste in whenever I have excess fabrics and threads etc. I keep all my fabric in see through baskets and I notice some ladies on here also keep theirs in boxes sealed so no dust can get on them. All my threads are in clear plastic boxes specifically made for threads and the rest of the stuff goes in my built in wardrobes. I just keep covers over the machines when not in use. I also have a cutting table that has collapsible extensions and that's wonderful. Computer in the corner with the printer next to it and bob's your uncle so to speak. Good luck with it all coming together, can't wait! Love Chris

asterixsew by asterixsew 13 Dec 2016

Thanks Chris. Bob is actually my brother. As my room is on the compact side and I own too much stuff its going to be a challenge. I do use the clear plastic boxes for threads and some of the fabric. Sadly no wardrobes either.

meganne by meganne 14 Dec 2016

Funny you should mention that Chris, because it's the first thing I thought of when I read Caroline's post. As you know only too well, my sewing/craft room looks like a cyclone has been through it!!!

toogie by toogie 14 Dec 2016

Meg,once in a blue moon, mine looks like Chris' room but most days yours!-lol