by pacmp 13 Dec 2016

With the Hus/ Viking Designer SE I had been told to just get HUS format, does it also stitch the VIP and VIP3?

Embroidery Library has a beautiful nativity set of designs, but the HUS format is not listed. I do have up to the 6x10 hoop but not sure why else they may not have listed the HUS format. Can anyone give me a bit of advise? I'd hate to buy the set and then not be able to stitch them, but in comparison to the other nativities I think I now would be disappointed about needing to make a different choice of designs. Any help is greatly appreciated! Hoping...hoping...hoping! Pam


by pennifold 13 Dec 2016

Hi Pam, I've got the Designer 1 and I use the VP3 or VIP it's so easy to do.

Can you tell me what the name of the Nativity set is please?

I've just had a look on Emb Lib and there are 44 pages of designs when you type in Nativity in the search box. Love Chris

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pacmp by pacmp 13 Dec 2016

Chris- Thank you for the information. The set I was looking at is the Art Nouveau Nativity Design Pack - Lg (X6941) for designs 6x10 and under. I am at least hopeful after these 3 posts. This was just the first time I have encountered this issue and changes like this, totally gets me confused and second guessing what seems logical. I just can't remember all the cautionary rules about things like staying under certain stitch counts with different machines etc that could lead people to have issues with certain designs and formats. The design of the Holy Family the stitch count is up there with 117,657 stitches. The other details were- 31 thread colors total, though has 45 color changes in the 5.86 inches x 8.56 inches design size. The other designs all have less stitches. Thanks again for the help. Pam

by rannewelker 13 Dec 2016

I have a Designer SE. It converts most all formats to VP3 except Art format. Your machine does this. Examples are: hus, vip, vp3, pes, pec,exp. and a few more I cannot think of now. Hus is an old format of Viking. Always download designs in vp3 format if it is available, but like I said your machine will convert most any format into vp3 except art format.

mops by mops 13 Dec 2016

If you are still a bit unsure, you could download a free design, like tha daily freebie, in vip or vp3 and use that to test, so you'll know it works.

pacmp by pacmp 13 Dec 2016

Thank You both ranne and mops! I will now try to remember to switch over to the VP3 as it now seems to be offered most of the time and at most sites. Changing a 10+ year habit is what will take some time with my brain issues. I am so glad to hear this feedback! And a big Cute family welcome to ranne as you seem to be one of our newer members! I hope that people will be able to help you, when you have a concern that comes up. Thanks again, Pam