by 02kar Moderator 12 Dec 2016

I've been reading the posts lately and noticed that so many are asking for prayers. I know it's the Christmas season, but for many it is not a joyous time. It can be a sad time, a scary time, a very lonely time. While we are celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior, let's send an extra hug or I love you to someone(s) who needs to be remembered. And let's wish Happy Holidays to those who have a different faith. To rchorse, dailylaundry, Lucy and to everyone catch the hugs coming your way.


by jrob Moderator 12 Dec 2016

Thank you Karen for being our voice in this. I've a list and I'm going through and saying every name one by one and asking for God's blessing on each of you sweet wonderful friends.

by joansatx 12 Dec 2016

Bless you and prayers for all. Thank you for expressing your sweet heart, Joan

by lbrow 12 Dec 2016

God Bless you Karen/Lillian

by crafter2243 Moderator 12 Dec 2016

Thank you Karen for your sweet words. It is a good reminder that during the hectic holiday activity, to take a moment and, like you said, send a special hug or I love you, to someone that needs encouragement.

by greytgirl 12 Dec 2016

Beautifully said!

by toogie 12 Dec 2016

Spoken with a true heart, Karen. I hope each one of you know, how much we care, even if some have a harder time putting it into words.