by spendlove 11 Dec 2016

Crazy patchwork placemats and coasters. I had a pack of six Christmas fat quarters so I decided to make placemats by the "stack and whack" method. I quite like how they turned out, but I need a matching runner now for the middle of the table! (And a much bigger hoop!)


by pennyhal2 13 Dec 2016

Nicely done! They make the table look so festive! I look forward to seeing it with it's table runner.

by lbrow 13 Dec 2016

Sue, they they do look " so fine". Know the table runner will be perfect also/Lillian

by airyfairy 13 Dec 2016

These look great Sue. Just love the materials

by mechille 13 Dec 2016

Nice job... Looks really nice.

by justsew 13 Dec 2016

They are great and a table runner would look lovely.
hugs pam

by Patricia109 12 Dec 2016

Lovely set.
Maybe you could buy a length of fabric, not in this set of designs, but coordinating with them and then place the leftovers in random order for the length??
And yes a bigger table is always helpful at Christmas and celebration times.
Do any of the continuous hoops fit your machine or am I out of date and they have gone out of use now?

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spendlove by spendlove 13 Dec 2016

Thank you for your suggestions. I do have a plan now - just need the time!

by lilylady 12 Dec 2016

They look very nice on your wood table.

by dennis999 12 Dec 2016

Very nice finish Sue although I don't have a clue what the 'stack and whack' method of construction is. Perhaps Father Christmas will deliver a giant hoop for you for Christmas............and so you can at least plan for next

by sandralane 12 Dec 2016

Terrific work Sue, an amazing result with all your smaller pieces together. A large table runner to match would be a great idea I think. Am sure you will come up with a great one. Merry Christmas to you and your family, may it be safe, peaceful and joyous. Best wishes. Sandra.

by jgwatchorn 12 Dec 2016

Whoops forgot the Link!!

by jgwatchorn 12 Dec 2016

Kreative Kiwi Embroidery has a ITH Crazy Patch Table Runner which would complement your table mats.

by pennifold 12 Dec 2016

I agree with you Sue, I think a runner would be great. I like the idea of the stack and whack and as Martine has suggested doing it in the hoop by adding pieces would work well. Love Chris

by mops Moderator 12 Dec 2016

Great job!
I agree, a table runner would be nice.
Could you make them ITH by adding parts? You could use the placemat design with one open end and add each completed section face down on top of the new one before adding the lining. Seams might turn out to be a bit bulky, so you could choose not to line them ITH but line the completed top afterwards. I can imagine a row of five to look pretty.

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spendlove by spendlove 12 Dec 2016

I'd thought along those lines, but the fabric left overs won't quite run to it!

by carolpountney 12 Dec 2016

Very nice yes I agree a table runner will finish it off very nicely

by baydreamer 11 Dec 2016

Very nice!

by noah 11 Dec 2016

looking good Sue hugs

by dragonflyer 11 Dec 2016

Great job...what is the finished size of your placemat?

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spendlove by spendlove 12 Dec 2016

29.5cm x 22cm

by laffma1 11 Dec 2016


by shirley124 11 Dec 2016

Great. Hugs

by shirlener88 11 Dec 2016

Lovely work as usual.

by Smokey12 11 Dec 2016

They look great. Especially with the matching coasters. Such a great use of your fq's.

by asterixsew Moderator 11 Dec 2016

Beautiful work Sue and your table looks great with the mats on

by sonjapotgieter 11 Dec 2016

They are Stunning Sue!!!Gorgeous choice of fabrics...Well done