by pennifold 04 Dec 2016

Such sad news today. My Mum's darling little dog Miss Sophie was euthanased at 3.40pm Sunday afternoon.

She was down to just 3kgs and was just skin stretched over bones. You could feel every vertebrae and rib and also her hips. So sad, she had heart disease and got tic paralysis a couple of months back and just didn't seem to get better. She was just so lethargic and slept all the time.

When I saw her today when we got back from church I said to Mum I thinks it's time you had Sophie put to sleep.

So with heavy hearts and lots of tears she has gone to the Rainbow Bridge to be with Timmy (our first dog a Cocker Spaniel, who died at 17), then Jaimie a White West Highland Terrier 15, then Blossom a Bichon Frise 10, then Tiffany a black Toy Poodle about 10 also and now Miss Sophie a Bichon Frise cross Maltese Terrier, she was 14 and a half.

This picture was taken on Mum's lounge just before we left for the vets.

Mum has lots of wonderful memories of this little pocket rocket and I'm sure Dad is up in Heaven with all of their beloved dogs watching them until we all meet again.

Thanks to all of my friends for their concern and well wishes already. Love Chris

P.S. You can just see it in her eyes at how lethargic she was and I think ready to go. It was so peaceful at the Vets and once the needle was administered, she was asleep within 20 seconds.


by lbrow 05 Dec 2016

So sorry. I cannot bear to see any pet suffer. You did the right thing. /Lillian

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pennifold by pennifold 06 Dec 2016

That is so true Miss Lillian, she just closed her eyes and it was all over in a matter of seconds. Love Chris

by katydid 05 Dec 2016

I have done this so many times with my wonderful pets and for many years I chose not to watch and the last couple of pets , I chose to be there and have them in my arms and I must say to please choose the later as you will feel better. I do not want pets to suffer and they can not verbally tell us and we must choose for them. I love them. Kay

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pennifold by pennifold 06 Dec 2016

That is so true Kay and I'm so glad Mum finally decided to come in with me. It was so peaceful and no struggle. Love Chris

by asterixsew Moderator 05 Dec 2016

Deciding that a much loved member of the family has reached the time that they need to depart is one of the toughest decisions that we have to make. Your mum must be feeling so lonely and sad but will have some great memories of her loved little girl. It brings back the times that our beloved now late cats were put to sleep, each time bar one the vet came to the house. I'm sure that you and daughters and granddaughters will all gather at some point soon and have a great time remembering the good times you all had with Miss Sophie

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pennifold by pennifold 06 Dec 2016

Thanks Caroline, the kids have all rung her and that was really appreciated. The great grand children are all sad about her dying. Love Chris

by graceandham 05 Dec 2016

So sorry. Give her a big hug from me.

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pennifold by pennifold 06 Dec 2016

Thanks Betsey, I've given her hugs from everyone. Love Chris

by shirley124 04 Dec 2016

Sorry to hear about your mum's little dog. I know just how hard that decision is. We had to have a cat put to sleep some years ago. She was 19 and a part of the family. Hugs for you and your mum. Shirley

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pennifold by pennifold 06 Dec 2016

Thanks Shirley, that is a great age for a cat. I've heard of that before. Love Chris

by sdrise 04 Dec 2016

Oh my I am so sorry to hear her fur baby was so ill. My heart sympathies and prayers for you all... Suzanne

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pennifold by pennifold 06 Dec 2016

Thanks Suzanne, it was her time I'm afraid, but she's at peace now. Love Chris

by pennifold 04 Dec 2016

Thank you my dear friends, I can't answer you all individually at the moment, but please be assured that I appreciate each and everyone of your comments. They have lifted my spirits and I know Mum's too. I told her this morning of these beautiful posts and I started crying and she did too, so I couldn't continue. I'm going to print these all out and let her see what an awesome community of beautiful women (and men) you all are, so caring and uplifting.

I know it's been hard of Mum theses past few months just watching her little darling disappear before her eyes. Thankfully she is at peace now and playing up in heaven and chasing those balls and running around like a whirl a gig! She was so full of life. Love Chris

by irenewayne 04 Dec 2016

Chris, I'm so sorry for your Mum & everyone concerned, what a sad thing to have to happen but we have to do what's right for our darling pet friends who really become family, I'm getting choked up just writing this as I too as well as many others have had to make this awful decision.
I hope Mum Is coping o.k in the knowledge that she's now at peace

by tuross 04 Dec 2016

Chris are welling up just reading your message. My heart goes out to your Mum, she will miss her lovely little companion so much. I will pray that the Lord will lift the heaviness and sorrow in her heart and replace it with joyful memories of the time they spent together.
Please pass on a hug to your Mum, our pets are really members of our family and we mourn them as such.

by noah 04 Dec 2016

Oh so sad i am crying for /with Mum hugs to you all:):)carolyn

by cfidl 04 Dec 2016

Hugs to you all!

by airyfairy 04 Dec 2016

I am so very sorry, especially for your dear mum. It is always a hard decision to make but usually the right one. Sophie is going to be sorely missed.

by meganne 04 Dec 2016

I've only just came online, guess something drew me here instead of going to bed, now I'm sitting here crying for Sophie and your Mum, she must be absolutely devastated. Oh I'm so very sorry Chris. She was such a gorgeous little girl and a wonderful companion. Your Mum is going to be so very lost and lonely without her.
Sending an Angel to guide Sophie safely to the Rainbow Bridge

by Sewmum1 04 Dec 2016

Big hugs. Your mum's broken heart eventually will heal and she will cherish the memories and time they were able to spend together

by jrob Moderator 04 Dec 2016

I'm so sorry. I know your mum's heart is broken, no matter that it was the best thing to do.

by dragonflyer 04 Dec 2016

So sad to hear this, Chris...believe me I know what a loss it is to lose one of our heart goes out to you and your will be a bit lonelier for her I am sure...feel comfort in the fact that Sophie was greeted at the Rainbow Bridge by the rest of your loved ones...

by gerryvb 04 Dec 2016

when I saw this picture I could feel the pain to say goodbye. We all know it's the best we can do, but it's so hard to let go. the picture reminds me to my little dog who passed away a year ago, but I still miss her. Hope your mum has many lovely memories and pictures to cherish. And miss Sophie will meet all others and your dad, what a comfort she will be welcomed. Hugs/love Gerry

by christracey 04 Dec 2016

Poor little darling but at least she didn't linger on & get worse & she is now out of any pain. It's very hard to loose a furry family member.... :-(

by marianb 04 Dec 2016

It's always hard to say good bye, but sometimes necessary. At 14 she had a great time with your mother..

by marfa 04 Dec 2016

I'm so sorry... every farewell is hard. Belive I know - my old friend was recently euthanased .. She was paralyzed few months.

by crafter2243 Moderator 04 Dec 2016

I am sorry for the loss of your friend. You did the right thing even though it was so hard. She is at peace and without pain.