by sjbrower 03 Dec 2016

I've been stitching Christmas projects and have been loving seeing all of your projects! So here are the two things that I've made for the little people in my life.

Christmas dress for great-niece Ella with design from EmbLibrary. Please ignore the giant mess on the shelves behind the dress. You know how our sewing rooms get!

And Christmas PJs for great-nephew Kai with design from Urban Threads (you could guess that I'll bet). As I look at this picture, I can see that I need to press his shirt!


by graceandham 05 Dec 2016

What fun! Christmas is well under way.

by baydreamer 04 Dec 2016

Great! Love the p.j.'s

by robinbird 04 Dec 2016

These 2 outfits you've made look delightful. Thanks for sharing them. :~D

by noah 04 Dec 2016

Excellent work hugs

by sonjapotgieter 04 Dec 2016

So Gorgeous!!!

by sandralane 04 Dec 2016

Terrific christmas presents, well done. I am sure that they will be well worn by your great niece and nephew. Sandra.

by babash 04 Dec 2016

Very very nice. Love the velvet bodice on the dress.

by toogie 04 Dec 2016

I just love the little plaid dress! It makes me want to sew. The pj's are cute too and you've done well on both. Thank you for showing us. What size is your little dress?

sjbrower by sjbrower 04 Dec 2016

It's a size 3. The pattern is old, I used it for Ella's Auntie when she was that size 20+ years ago. The velveteen was a leftover from then as well. I got the plaid taffeta from a thrift store, so this dress was meant to be! All I had to buy was the lining.

toogie by toogie 04 Dec 2016

My kind of girl! Way to go, with re-cycle, and no one (except us Cuties!) the wiser. Yes, I'd say it was meant to be too!

by pennifold 04 Dec 2016

Wonderful dress and pj's. I love the embroidered design on the dress, matches really well. Love Chris

by crafter2243 Moderator 03 Dec 2016

Great job. Love the way the colors go together.

by lbrow 03 Dec 2016

How happy they will be. Nice work/Lillian

by katydid 03 Dec 2016