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by dilceia ( edited 01 Dec 2016 ) 01 Dec 2016

Hello friends!

Here are the photos of my work this year. My city did not do, due to financial crisis. I always make 3 cities. But this year, I only made one city in the South.
I hope you like it. I'm very tired. Now I'm going to rest at my ranch in the mountains.
Kisses for all, with affection.


by parkermom 03 Dec 2016

amazing. Beautiful. I'd love to see it in person

by decojo 03 Dec 2016

Awesome photos! Thank you for sharing!

by marianamin2003 03 Dec 2016

Beautiful photos!

by pacmp 03 Dec 2016

Delicia, I hope that next year the towns and cities can once again justify adding more decorating to their agendas. I know that in our area we have a light display called Shore Acres on the Southern Oregon Coast, that draws in thousands of people each year. Thankfully easier to do since it is in a park setting and can be secured over night. We all look to see what new additions they have added from the previous years light displays. The lights bring in desperately needed family entertainment plus needed revenue to our struggling economy and I would think into your communities you decorate also. I know many will travel to that city to view your creative displays. Hopefully the cities who have had your light displays in years past, will hopefully still be able to use parts of the displays that could be used again, unless they do not keep or own the displays themselves once the season is over. You can see the hard work and talent that you have within yourself and the architects within your family to create such magnificent displays. Enjoy your bit of rest before Christmas is upon us and I know the people of the city, you helped to decorate, will no doubt appreciate your lighting creations that to me look totally magical. I would love to visit them in person but since that is not a possibility I am so grateful that you share some of the pictures with us, as I try desperately to climb into the monitor to get a better look. I hope that the city will be blessed abundantly. Just breath taking! Thank You for sharing them with us. Pam

by toogie 02 Dec 2016

Wonderful! Beautiful! Amazing! These words only begin to describe the beauty you create, and the joy and love you place, in all our hearts. Enjoy the rest of the holiday season, with your talented family, at your mountain home. May you have a Merry Christmas and a most prosperous, Happy New Year!-Toogie

by gerryb 02 Dec 2016

Wow! Just "wow!" You always do such beautiful work...and this is one of them!!

by katydid 02 Dec 2016

Delceia, Oh! You did it again. God gave you a wonderful talent and I am so happy that you bring joy to others.tttttttttttttt65yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy`1ersxz "My cat just did this. She walked across the keys."

by noah 02 Dec 2016

you are sew gifted love all your decorations Well done hugs

by peafarm 02 Dec 2016

Oh what a wonderland. So pretty and would love to see these sites.

by sandralane 02 Dec 2016

Thank you for the beautiful photographs, you have done a terrific job again, I look forward to seeing your decorations each year. You did a grand job for everyone to enjoy. Sandraf

by sewmom 02 Dec 2016

Beautiful as always!

by dee 02 Dec 2016

Beautiful work. I so enjoy the pictures to let us see the joy people there are able to see every day during the Holidays. Thank you for sharing Damaris

by clintonmiss22 02 Dec 2016


dilceia by dilceia 02 Dec 2016


dilceia by dilceia 02 Dec 2016


by gerryvb 02 Dec 2016

oh so beautiful again!!! I wished I could see it in real, it must be even more wonderful when we can really admire it. It's all so gorgeous. Take a deserved rest now my dear , With love Gerry

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dilceia by dilceia 02 Dec 2016

Thank you, my beautiful one! Now you understand why I'm gone? kisses

by dragonflyer 02 Dec 2016 have outdone yourself once bring such joy and beauty to all who see your work...Kisses from my heart to yours as well...

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dilceia by dilceia 02 Dec 2016

Thanks, my dear!

by jrob Moderator 02 Dec 2016

Outstanding as usual! Now go rest and enjoy this glorious of all seasons. Peace be with you.

dilceia by dilceia 02 Dec 2016


dilceia by dilceia 05 Dec 2016

Digo, Amém!!

by laffma1 02 Dec 2016

Beautiful!!! I love how the streets come alive with all the sparkling lights at night. You always do an awesome job of decorating the towns for the holiday season. You have the best job in the world - it must be wonderful planning and decorating for Christmas all year long. Have a joyous holiday, and get some well earned rest at your ranch.

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dilceia by dilceia 02 Dec 2016

Thank you dear, for the beautiful words! This year was just a city.

by michemb 02 Dec 2016

magic and beautiful as always my friend
hugs and happy holidays
rest up

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dilceia by dilceia 02 Dec 2016

Thanks, my dear Michelle!

by lilylady 02 Dec 2016

Once again breath taking. I wait for your pictures. Your towns are so beautiful with the decorations. Just love the beauty of the towns you get to work with.. Have a nice rest and smile at what you have done. Sandy

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dilceia by dilceia 02 Dec 2016

Thanks, my dear!

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by meganne edited 02 Dec 2016

Absolutely magical Dilceia.
You are so talented and you bring the real joy of Christmas to the lucky people in these towns.
Kisses to your heart dear friend with hugs n love, and wishing you and your family a joyous Christmas, Meg

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dilceia by dilceia 02 Dec 2016

Thank you, Meg dear! We are a family of architects. (And my children, modesty the part, are good)

by graceandham 02 Dec 2016

It is so romantic and beautiful.

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dilceia by dilceia 02 Dec 2016

Thank you!

by airyfairy 02 Dec 2016

You have excelled yourself this year. All beautiful. Would love to see this for myself. Kisses 😘 from the heart.

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dilceia by dilceia 02 Dec 2016

Thank you dear! I miss you, good friend. kisses

by pennifold 02 Dec 2016

Dear Dilceia, you have outdone yourself! These pictures are just breathtakingly beautiful. No wonder you are so tired it must be months of planning, designing and then getting it all put together. Kisses from my heart ❤️ to yours. Love💕Chris

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dilceia by dilceia 02 Dec 2016

Yes Chris, we do the project in June. As soon as it's approved, we start at work (at the factory). We started riding in September. We deliver on November 15, to open Christmas. kisses

by Zinobia 02 Dec 2016

Amazing work. Merry Christmas in advance

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dilceia by dilceia 02 Dec 2016

Thanks! Welcome!

by momac 02 Dec 2016

These are beautiful, fantastic work. Hugs Maureen in South Africa

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dilceia by dilceia 02 Dec 2016

Thanks! Welcome!

by marron1 02 Dec 2016

awesome as always ... merry christmas

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dilceia by dilceia 02 Dec 2016


by cfidl 02 Dec 2016

Beautiful work as always. Best wishes to all!

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dilceia by dilceia 02 Dec 2016

Thanks, my dear!

by dilceia 01 Dec 2016

The photos did not look good. I took it from my tablet, it is for this reason the poor quality of the photos. Forgive me. Love you!
Kiss in the heart

jrob by jrob 02 Dec 2016

Kiss in the heart to you. The photos are fine and we all eagerly await for you to post them.

dilceia by dilceia 02 Dec 2016