by naven 28 Nov 2016

On behalf of some one else.

Can you please help me?

I have been asked to monogram some placemats for a Catholic priest who is from India. Which name/initial is used for this? For instance my name is Margaret Winston and I would use a W.


by pacmp 29 Nov 2016

I think that I would use our traditional monogramming guidelines. If he is referred to as Father______ then use the capital of that name. If he has multiple names; Father_____ _____ ______ then I would simply ask your friend to casually ask him with the multiple names how would they handle monograms. Best Wishes creating a sure to be treasured gift.

by mops Moderator 29 Nov 2016

I knew I had seen this same question before. Have a look at the link. There are some answers there.

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naven by naven 29 Nov 2016


by gerryb 29 Nov 2016

Maybe the person that wants you to do the monogram for him can tell you what monogram she wants!! That's a tough call!