by pennyhal2 28 Nov 2016

Is anyone else having trouble downloading Stitch Delight's letter today?


by pennyhal2 29 Nov 2016

She reposted the V with the W today. I guess lot of people had trouble. I'm not on Facebook so that doesn't work for me.

by dragonflyer 29 Nov 2016

She had a post that said that the download link is always the save a working link in your favorites...then when you get to the link, just change the letter of the day you are trying to download and it should work...or the Facebook links have always worked for me...

by killiecrankie 29 Nov 2016

Yes but I went back & read yesterdays newsletter which had the links for the last 3 letters & changed the letter in one of the links & it downloaded perfectly

by queenofhearts 29 Nov 2016

I downloaded from Facebook. No problem there.

by bielie 29 Nov 2016

The link just does not work. I also got mine from Facebook.

by PeggyJ 29 Nov 2016

Yes, all day

by shirley124 29 Nov 2016

Yes. I went in and downloaded it from Facebook. That is all I have Facebook for. I use it for Stitch Delight and Hatched In Africa when I have problems with their normal sites. Hugs

by 02kar Moderator 29 Nov 2016

Yes, I tried a couple of times with no success

by momofeight 29 Nov 2016

Yes I am