by maleah 25 Nov 2016

Why am I getting a "certificate validation" when I try to enter this website? I have to poke "yes" all of the time? I guess I am getting too old to try new things......


by rescuer Moderator 25 Nov 2016

In order to help you with this, I will need to know answers to a lot of questions.
What kind of computer do you have? (Dell, Apple, Unknown desktop...)
What antivirus do you have and is it up to date?
When was the last time your antivirus scanned your whole computer?
When was the last time your operating system updated?
Are you using a wireless or wired connection to the internet?
If you have wireless internet access, is it secure (special passwords)?
What browser are you using?
Have you tried using a different computer -- if you have one available?
Have you let anyone (like a teenager) have access to your computer lately?

maleah by maleah 25 Nov 2016

Thank you for your quick response. I have a Mac with Paralles to connect to Windows. My antivirus has been scanned, I am on wireless internet and secure password. I have version 11 on the browser. No teenagers but my dear hubby. We are "old" and retired.... Again, thank you for your info. Appreciated

rescuer by rescuer 25 Nov 2016

So, do you receive this error: Safari can't verify the identity of the website.
Or is it a different one?

rescuer by rescuer 25 Nov 2016

First you need to remove your cookies/cache as updates to this website happen frequently. One happened in the last 48 hours. That could be a problem for you if your computer is not set up to automatically get the newest version of a page.
You can try to do a Keystone First Aid fix -- if Keystone could be involved.
If you are using Internet Explorer and you are still having issues, you can uncheck "Enable Enhanced Protected Mode"
by clicking Tools, Internet Options, Advanced (tab)
If none of that helps, here are some websites you can look through to see if your issue is covered. My boys are home today and so in future, I will be checking in from my phone (which means no computer support).

by mops Moderator 25 Nov 2016

No idea, it never happened to me, so I am afraid I can't help. Seeing your number of flowers you must have been here a long time. Is this a recent thing or has that happened from the first time you joined?

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maleah by maleah 25 Nov 2016

This is the first time this has happened. But, my hubby said he should change my name to Murphy- as in murphy's law...