by eleen ( edited 24 Nov 2016 ) 24 Nov 2016

What I've been up to yesterday 24/11 after work: Bath sheet with windmill design. I am a bit dissapointed - the color of the towel is dark for the design and I was asked to do a windmill design on it. The pile is also very thick. The design (stitchdelight) is however a great design and I will do it again. Little I can do about it now and afraid I have to another matching. I also did another Volla bag.


by sandralane 25 Nov 2016

The windmill is a terrific stitch out, very pretty. They are both great designs, well don. Sandra.

by worthy 25 Nov 2016

Love it, as others have stated, some times we are to critical of our work.
I personally love the understated look, give it a soft delicate beauty of its own.

by sjbrower 25 Nov 2016

Just shows you how different we all are.... I love the pastel pansies on the dark gray background. I think this is a beautiful design, stitched well. The person that you made this for will likely agree with me!

by noah 25 Nov 2016

Sometimes i sew /embroidery it two times****works for me:):)

by baydreamer 25 Nov 2016

Sometimes the design is just not suitable for what we want to use it for.
Still looks good!

by joansatx 25 Nov 2016

Great work! Nice to see! Thank you.

by stella1 25 Nov 2016

Beautiful and very nice and nice design

by sonjapotgieter 25 Nov 2016

Awesome designs!!! Great work....Love it!!

by decojo 25 Nov 2016

Both are lovely!

by carolpountney 25 Nov 2016

Looks beautiful well done

by pennifold 25 Nov 2016

Such a lot of lovely stitching Eleen. The recipient will love them. Love ❤️ Chris

by babash 25 Nov 2016

Sometimes we are not happy with our work but the person who asked for it is delighted. You have done well.

by lbrow 24 Nov 2016

I like it and think you did well./Lillian

by killiecrankie 24 Nov 2016

It is a lovely design ,the towel might fade a bit after several washings & hours spent out in the sun drying.I have had ,this happen to me ,now on embroider on white or cream towels ,where the design has several pale colours