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by shirley124 ( edited 24 Nov 2016 ) 24 Nov 2016

Boy will I be pleased when we finally move.

The stress is getting too much or else it is because I am a year older this week. Hubby had to go to the Specialist in Launceston today a 2 hour round trip, so I organised to take my Laptop in for it's yearly service. Arrived at the Computer Store right on opening time only to discover the laptop was still sitting all packed in it's little case on my dining table at home. Now it is another trip back tomorrow to have it done. The Anti Virus will soon run out if I leave it much longer.

We are moving on Monday the 28th November. Sure has been a long drag. The new kitchen has come up tops. The plasterer is coming in tomorrow to put the cornice around the overhead cupboards. So hubby will be going in one direction and me the other. I really wanted be at the house tomorrow to wash out some of the cupboards ready to store stuff. Oh well that will have to wait till the weekend. Hugs Shirley


by maleah 26 Nov 2016

I think everyone has done something like that at one time or another. Right now, you have "Brain Overload"... Moving is so stressful. We moved 10 years ago from California to Tennessee and I still have not found some of my things. God bless both you and your hubby.

by greysewist Moderator 25 Nov 2016

I arrived at my workplace last week without my work :( so you're not alone, Shirley. Soon you'll be able to look back and say thank goodness it's all done!

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shirley124 by shirley124 25 Nov 2016

Sorry to hear I am not alone. I think it will be quite some time before I will be able to say thank goodness it's all done. My siaticia is playing up again at the moment so I will be taking some time out for awhile. Hugs

by lbrow 24 Nov 2016

I think we've all done something like this at one time or another. Congratulations on soon being in your new home/Lillian

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shirley124 by shirley124 25 Nov 2016

Yes I guess I am not the first. Hubby got to the new house the other day and asked where his glasses were. I said I had not touched them and the last time I saw them they were sitting on the dining table. Maybe not picking up the laptop was pay back though he says it was'nt. He had to go to the Chemist and buy a pair of magnifying ones to do the jobs that had to be done. Hugs

by pennifold 24 Nov 2016

Oh! dear Shirley, doesn't that make you mad? I've done that before thinking I've had my hoop in the car for sewing guild, only to find it was sitting on the table in my sewing room! I do hope you take it a bit easy this weekend. Take your time unpacking, there is no rush. I do hope your dear husband's health improves greatly and that you don't have to do as much travelling in the future.

I'll be thinking of you this weekend and on Monday. My best friend Sue is moving from Mount Colah (outer Sydney suburb) down to Arcadia near Galston onto 5 acres on the 1st December and is going through exactly what you are! God bless, love Chris

pennifold by pennifold 24 Nov 2016

Sorry about the double post, hit the button twice! One of the moderators can delete this thanks love Chris

shirley124 by shirley124 25 Nov 2016

Thanks Chris. Took the laptop in today. I told hubby if I forgot it again I was going to stand in the middle of the car park and scream, so I made sure I did not forget. Did some Christmas shopping while waiting for it and now I am pooped. Hugs

by graceandham 24 Nov 2016

Excited for the new, pretty place you will settle in to. You are approaching the worst, energy-wise, and then after that, take your time settling in and setting up. OH, and congratulations!

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shirley124 by shirley124 24 Nov 2016

Looking forward to settling into our new place. It will take a bit to get used to city living again after 10 years in the country, but the time has come it has to be done. thanks, Hugs

by asterixsew Moderator 24 Nov 2016

It is manic moving after many years in one home but in the end worth the effort. After 16months I'm still not sure where everything is but its great fun.

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shirley124 by shirley124 24 Nov 2016

I agree it is manic moving. This one is only after 10 years but we are 10 years older and our health is not as good. This is the last move I am making. I've told my 2 children they will be clearing out the house the next time. Hugs

by Smokey12 24 Nov 2016

Congratulations on moving day. It always seems like a long wait. How exciting for you and your dh. Don't work to hard on moving day. Save energy to put your sewing things together. :)

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shirley124 by shirley124 24 Nov 2016

Thanks. it has been about 4 months since we signed the contract on the house. It is exciting. I am taking a weeks rest and only camping so to speak for that week. Then I will get in to set the sewing room up as I am having withdrawal symptoms. Hugs