by baydreamer 23 Nov 2016

The color is so off, this pillow is beautiful grey wool suiting . The black embroidery looks like velvet on the wool.

Thanks for looking!


by sonjapotgieter 24 Nov 2016

Awesome work!!!Beautiful

by Smokey12 24 Nov 2016

Beautiful design and looks great. Thanks for the idea of what to use all my wool suitings for. Your picture color made me think of the dress and flip flop color issue. Some people see blues and others see golds., The camera sees what it wants also.

by kafa 24 Nov 2016

hmm piękna sprawa

by pennyhal2 23 Nov 2016

There are a lot of guys in my family who'd love to have this pillow no matter what the color was! Good work!

by sandralane 23 Nov 2016

What ever the colour, the design is terrific. You have made a great cushion. Sandra.

by pennifold 23 Nov 2016

Looks great to me, pity about the colour issue. I'd check your camera and see what colour section you have it on eg. vivid, sepia etc. etc. Love Chris

by bemara 23 Nov 2016

however, there you have a thick fish in the hinge . . LoL, looks great :-) hugs Maria

by noah 23 Nov 2016

Love it excellent sew out hugs

by greytgirl 23 Nov 2016

Love your pillow! Don't know why, but my camera sometimes shows a completely different color than what the object actually is too.