by designgirl 23 Nov 2016

Wishing all American Cute's a very Happy Thanksgiving. May you all have safe travels, lots of food and good visits.

Hugs from a Canadian Cute, Lynn


by graceandham 23 Nov 2016

Thank you, Lynn. I've had enough of traffic the last two days and I'm staying in tomorrow! The best news of all - my DH is the cook, so I need to set the table and stay behind the cleanup! We will have a groaning table, but about half of what we usually prepare - only one dessert and only one meat, fewer veggies. We don't want to hurt from eating too much!

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designgirl by designgirl 23 Nov 2016

You and your husband work the same as we do. He cooks I do the table and clean up. He does help dry any dishes that don't go in dishwasher though. Enjoy your holiday weekend.

by 02kar Moderator 23 Nov 2016

Thanks I hope you have a wonderful day in your beautiful country.

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designgirl by designgirl 23 Nov 2016

Thanks and enjoy your holiday weekend