by eleen 22 Nov 2016

Padded hanger covers. I was so privileged to have attended a working session with Mariaan Basson form Artistic Designs over the past weekend. I have ended up buying a few design sets including the ITH padded hangers for adults. Have adjusted the patterns slightly in that I have attached a ribbon with press studs to the back to secure my camisoles and prevent them from slipping off. in the background you will see the tissue box cover we have made. Learnt a lot. Next time I will use a color that blends in. The white from the voile is visible through the colored satin stitch and does not look so good. Thank you for looking.


by mooie24 05 Dec 2016

beautiful, I have purchased these too, now seeing how lovely yours are I must give them a try thank you for sharing xx
big hugs from London xx

by parkermom 30 Nov 2016

very pretty. What a beautiful gift they would make for a new bride.

by lbrow 27 Nov 2016

I think they are beautiful/Lillian

by crazypatchmama 27 Nov 2016

lovely work.

by grossfamilie 27 Nov 2016

Wow - this is really precious. Very stunning and thanks for sharing.

by stella1 27 Nov 2016

It is excellent very beautiful and nice . Love Artisticdesigns beautiful designs

by Patricia109 24 Nov 2016

Love the 'clip' idea for slippery camisoles.
I make my hanger covers from lace insert (they are knitted) and the polyester lace sort of grabs the slippery clothes.
Beautiful work. Hadn't heard of doing hanger covers on the embroidery machine befo

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eleen by eleen 25 Nov 2016

Thank you. I also thought of putting some off the non slip at the back of the hangers to keep the blouses with sleeves in place.

by sonjapotgieter 24 Nov 2016

They are a Beaut..Love them!!

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eleen by eleen 24 Nov 2016

Thank you to everbody for all your lovely comments. Flowers to all. Plan to switch all my hangers with made ones. Will share some of them too.

by jrob Moderator 24 Nov 2016

How pretty!

by laffma1 24 Nov 2016

So beautiful and feminine! Can you tell me where you purchased the hanger, and is it wood or plastic? I used be able to get wooden hangers this shape years ago, but can no longer find them locally. Great idea with the twill tape, too.

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eleen by eleen 24 Nov 2016

I am not sure where you are from. I live in Johannesburg South Africa and got them from a haberdashery in Krugersdorp - New Kayo. They also sell the piping for the steel part. Sorry yes they are wooden hangers.

by bekker 24 Nov 2016

baie mooi

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eleen by eleen 24 Nov 2016

:) Dankie

by craftyann 23 Nov 2016

Have wanted to make these but can't find the hangers? Is their a place they can be ordered from?

eleen by eleen 24 Nov 2016

Yes you can get them from OPW (Artistic designs). She does not have a separate site but sells through OPW and Secrets. There are more than one set for the larger hangers and then a set for children hangers.

craftyann by craftyann 25 Nov 2016

Where do I get to the website at OPW? All that comes up are the designs to order?

by noah 23 Nov 2016

excellent job hugs

by sjbrower 23 Nov 2016

These are beautiful. I will have to go check out Artistic Designs website (new to me!) You did wonderful work on this. And I love your addition.

by sdrise 23 Nov 2016

How beautiful! great job!

by theduchess 23 Nov 2016

just beautiful.

by dragonflyer 23 Nov 2016


by baydreamer 23 Nov 2016

Beautifully done!

by sandralane 23 Nov 2016

Very pretty coat hangers, well done. Sandra.

by carolpountney 23 Nov 2016


by pennyhal2 23 Nov 2016

Elegant and useful! We all should have closet filled with beautiful hangers! I like the tissue box as is. Gives it a nice soft feel. Work well done!

by pennifold 23 Nov 2016

I love the grub roses, beautiful work Eleen. Love Chris