by 02kar Moderator 21 Nov 2016

Here in the USA we have concentrated our hands, hearts and minds on Thanksgiving this Thursday. Yesterday my handsome hubby spoke at 2 churches in the morning and then at the local community Thanksgiving service last night. So it was a day of introspection for me. I was thinking of the very long list of things and people for which I am grateful. And then I turned my thoughts to my love of embroidery. And I thought how grateful I am to have this hobby and to to be able to afford it. So I publicly want to thank Miss Veronika and all of my favorite digitizers for their talent and hard work. Without you I could not spend so many happy hours creating. Now what is it that each of you is thankful for in our world of machine embroidery?


by katydid 21 Nov 2016

I am thankful that I bought my first embroidery machine as it opened a whole new world to me . I have been sewing on a machine since I was 5 yrs old and and never dreamed the embroidery would take me into another demention!!

by lbrow 21 Nov 2016

Very well said. We need to count our blessings more often than we do. My blessings far out number anything else. For this I am truly grateful!

by snowbird42 21 Nov 2016

Hi Karen I wholeheartedly agree with your comments and all the other cuties ...such a wonderful family of people.........soozie

by jrob Moderator 21 Nov 2016

In our world of machine embroidery, I'm most thankful for my like minded friends who make my life so much fuller and my heart so much happier. AND those who are so much smarter than I am that can come up with these wonderful machines and gadgets to make our hobby so much more fun.

crafter2243 by crafter2243 21 Nov 2016

Can I be allowed to copy and paste this as my answer?

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 22 Nov 2016


by pennifold 21 Nov 2016

Well said Karen. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in Australia, but I'm thankful every day for all of the wonderful friends I've met and made on here. I pray that everyone has a loving, family oriented Thanksgiving wherever they live in this beautiful world of ours. Love ❤️ Chris

by stork 21 Nov 2016

well said!!! If it weren't for the site, Miss Veronika and the wonderful digitizers I would be hard pressed for gifts this year (and last). Very grateful to have my cutie friends for help, support and advice!

by gerryb 21 Nov 2016

The friends made around the world; the prayers shared around the world; and all the hints, help, & love that comes from embroidery friends! And that's just in the embroidery world!! Happy Thanksgiving, all!

by sdrise 21 Nov 2016

Mine is thankful for the friends I have made here and elsewhere, Doing Gods work by taking care of, rescuing, and finding homes for his cats and kittens, my wonderful husband, my crafts like embroidery, being able to help others, and the list can go on. We are truly blessed. Thank you Karen for being my friend sister! We treasure you both! Thanks to all here who create and Miss V for this wonderful web site! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!

by graceandham 21 Nov 2016

First and foremost, the chance to connect to the Creator through re-creating beauty from his world. Secondly, the chance to find like-minded spirits in this group. Lastly, for the rhythm and joy that embroidery brings to my life. Happy Thanksgiving to all.