by loosie 13 Nov 2016

So my friend asked me to embroider names on 4 bathrobes. I'm not sure what to charge her?

Also I have been making FSL snowflakes, angels; both in flat and 3D. Angel and snowflake earrings.
What price should I sell them at the Christmas Fair?

Any ideas please. Thanks in advance ;)


by pennyhal2 14 Nov 2016

I think that it is great of you to help your friend out. Seems that nowadays people think things at craft fairs should be cheap around here. Things under $5 sold at the last fair I did, but not much else. My friend just did a show and only sold $5 beaded earrings that she marked down from $7. She only sold 3 sets. And you have to add tax when you sell it. You can't compete with China and Mexico.

But, you have the handmade in the USA advantage on your side. What I do is calculate how much it actually costs to make something...thread, stabilizer, fabric... and triple it. If something isn't selling, I gift it. I wouldn't do the bath robes unless you feel really confident that you will have a good stitchout.

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loosie by loosie 14 Nov 2016

Thanks, I was thinking five dollars per item, then doing a bundle pricing of 3 items for maybe twelve dollars. Not sure yet, I can gift many of these. So no worries :)

by angelsbooda 13 Nov 2016

I just completed a Christmas fair and had an order for bath robes too. I've done a set for my daughter last year and had pictures in an album. If the bathrobes belong to someone else, I also charge a setup fee of $5 which I've been told by others in my area is quite standard. I charge $5 for each name but only up to 7 letters then $7 for 8-12 letters. Anything more than 12 letters I evaluate base on stitch count. Also if you are working on anyone's personal items I highly suggest you have them sign a waiver in case the item gets damaged. I do this whenever people ask me if I will embroider their existing items, just in case. It doesn't happen often but sometimes a machine will misbehave and end up causing a rip or tear. It's just to protect you.

angelsbooda by angelsbooda 13 Nov 2016

I don't do any FSL - sorry but good luck with your sale! - they are fun but tiring

loosie by loosie 13 Nov 2016

Thank you for the advice, good idea about the waiver.

by babash 13 Nov 2016

Don't do earrings but I would charge at least $5 for each name perhaps even $6 to cover cost of stabilizer.
I am like gerryb I keep my prices as low as I am comfortable with and get a lot of repeat work. I have 2 ladies who always insist I am too cheap and pay that bit extra.
So it all depends on wether you want to do it again or not. But most important you have to feel happy with the outcome.

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loosie by loosie 13 Nov 2016

Sounds good, I'm not really wanting to start a business, just my friend knows I do embroidery for our own use. She's the one with the craft fair table and asked if I could help fill it.

by gerryb 13 Nov 2016

I'm not one to advise you as I am told I undercharge!! However, I do all and any monograms or names for $5 ea...not each letter, but ea. file. I know that's sometimes cheap, but sometimes it's it balances out. But I won't do it for less. As for the earrings: I chg. $6 a pair, which is probably again too little!! But I'd rather sell them than sit & look at them!

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loosie by loosie 13 Nov 2016

Thank you, I live in a small town and we a small population and not much $$$ to spend. Small farming community :)