by vickiannette 11 Nov 2016

I want to make some "Bunting", but what is the best size? Will hang in the street to advertize a Trading Stall. I have never made this before, so any help appreciated. thank you


by cfidl 15 Nov 2016

I've heard that red, yellow and black are the "selling" colors at least in print media.

by marianb 11 Nov 2016

If Red and White are your colour choices, a White flag with a Red letter will standout better and as the girls below have said as big as your hoop can make them or bigger with applique letters on normal machine. Good Luck with your stall. Marian

by pennifold 11 Nov 2016

I agree with Betsey, Vicki, as big as you can possibly make so it will stand out. Good luck, love Chris

by graceandham 11 Nov 2016

I think as big as you can based on your largest hoop, if that wouldn't be obnoxiously big!

graceandham by graceandham 11 Nov 2016

Remember to use high contrast colors so it can be read far off! Black and white, navy and white, or black and a bright yellow.

vickiannette by vickiannette 11 Nov 2016

thank you, yes our colours are Red and White. or White on Red, depending what fabrics we can come up with wihout spending too much!!

rachap by rachap 12 Nov 2016

If you can,try to get an outdoor fabric (Sunbrella is one brand name) or even better as far as holding up, a bright color vinyl.I have made several for outdoors and the sun fades them much faster than you can imagine. i did mine one letter at a time, letters appliqued on a piece about 12 " across the top of the triangle, made a casing about 1" and strung them on a rope. Look around different sites and you can find applique letters that are large so get the largest ones you can afford. Good luck!