by toogie 08 Nov 2016

Hi Cuties, this is the design I got with my birthday voucher from Embroidery Library. I stitched it last night and early morning. It was already late when I started and it has so many stitches, I should have known better and waited until daytime hours. Anyway, stayed with it until I finished and must say, I am happy with the result. My design dl colors were horrible, so its a good thing I had my color chart to go by.

I have tried to show the fabric I stitched it on. It's a sort of canvas that I washed & dried, before I stitched. I knew it would shrink, but now it's not as stiff. I wanted to make a tote with it, as I cut a large size piece, of fabric. That way it could go to a man or woman....what do you think? Should I stipple quilt all around the front (except design area) and back, then line it to give it more body? Any and all ideas appreciated.


by jenne 10 Nov 2016

I love the look of these type of designs (lots of stitches) but I just will not embroidery them out, but your design it beautiful.

by mechille 09 Nov 2016

What a wonderful design. I love embroidery library designs. :)
I think I agree with the others, a little stippling would be great. I know whoever get's it will love it. Thanks for sharing. :)

by pennyhal2 09 Nov 2016

I would stipple with a stabilizer. That way if they throw it in the washing machine, it'd not get all mangled.

by sharonleekesner 09 Nov 2016

I think you'd be fine with thin batting and stippling, in the same color as the material. Yes to lining. It's lovely the way it is and if you do decide to stipple I don't believe it would detract from the design, if it was in the same color as the material.

by sjbrower 09 Nov 2016

This is beautiful! I love the richness of EmbLib's designs. Your color choices are perfect. As for quilting on this bag.... I don't think that I would. You could use some fusible fleece to give it heft if it needs it, and would be nice to have a lining. This is going to be gorgeous!

by teun 09 Nov 2016

Tolles muster๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

by sonjapotgieter 09 Nov 2016

That is Gorgeous...Awesome design

by pennifold 09 Nov 2016

Stunning job, I'd do as gerryb suggests and just line the tote. I think the design on its own is just stunning. Love Chris

by sandralane 08 Nov 2016

Wow! Toogie, well worth the long hours to stitch it, a super job you have done with this dense design. Sandra.

by gerryb 08 Nov 2016

Wow! Beautiful! Worth the lost sleep! I wouldn't stipple around it, but would line the tote.

by irenewayne 08 Nov 2016

great job toogie, if it was me I think I would like it lined. Emblibrary has some great designs don't they?

by gandu 08 Nov 2016

beautifully done

by pldc 08 Nov 2016

I think it looks terrific on it's own but it is up to you hat you like best~hugs~

by topcat5 08 Nov 2016

I agree with the others that you've done a beautiful job in spite of the wee hours of the morning. That has never happened to me! You asked if you should stipple around the design. My own personal opinion is that stippling might take away from the beauty of the design, unless it was a very, very small stippling. If it were mine, I think I would make a few straight radiating lines around the design. On the back I would make the same straight lines diagonally in a diamond pattern. A design this beautiful definitely calls for a beautiful lining. I know you will show us your finished project. Can't wait to see it.

by lbrow 08 Nov 2016

It is beautiful Toogie

by holly12 08 Nov 2016

Looks great. Most of the time when you get a nice design esp. from Embroidery Library. There's alot of stitches and takes awhile to do but worth it in the end. Loveit. Arlene

by babash edited 08 Nov 2016

What about spray starch the fabric from the wrong side that would put the sizing back into the fabric.
Here in Australia you can buy it in a pressure pack can in the soap powder isle. Sometimes it could be labelled as ironing aid.

Sorry forgot to say it was worth you staying up late you have done a good job of the design.

by dragonflyer 08 Nov 2016

Nicely done...

by asterixsew Moderator 08 Nov 2016

There is something about embroidering in the week small hours. A great piece of work and worth your efforts

by bemara 08 Nov 2016

wow, it looks great, I would make iron pad (wattierung) from the back , hugs Maria

by noah 08 Nov 2016

Looks great Toogie hugs