by maisiebo 08 Nov 2016

What speed do you have your embroidery machine set on? I have mine on the slower setting thinking if it jams up hopefully it won't do so much damage

I have a Brother PE 150 and also the
Brother innov-is 750E
I'm thinking of changing to the faster speed does it make a difference to the design and material you are sewing or should I leave it on the slower setting it just takes so long when doing a design with a lot of colour changes may be I should continue to sit and watch patiently


by pennyhal2 11 Nov 2016

I lke to stitch at a lower speed so that if there is a problem I can stop the machine quickly. If I'm using metallic, I slow it down as slow as it will go. On my older machines, I get a better stitchout if the machine goes slowly. On the newist one, it doesn't seem to matter, but I still don't go at top speed unless I'm sitting right next to it.

sewist1 by sewist1 11 Nov 2016

How can you stop the machine any more quickly if it is on a slower speed? Hitting the off button has the same effect at any speed.

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 13 Nov 2016

If you are using a fast speed, the needle will do a lot more stitches in the time it takes you to stop it. At a slower speed you can catch it sooner. Those few extra stitches can make the difference between whether or not you get a hole in the fabric or a more serious thread nest.

by katydid 10 Nov 2016

I always turn mine down one notch and I do not know what that is in stitches for you listing in #'s. Kay

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by sewist1 edited 11 Nov 2016

I mostly stitch at the highest speed except for a couple of designs which I know go better if I reduce the speed a little. The machines wouldn't have the high speed on them if you weren't supposed to use it.

by mops Moderator 09 Nov 2016

I slow my 4-needle down to reduce the noise most of the time. The Brother 190D is not used much and I don't even remember if you can slow it down. I reduce the speed of the Ruby if the fabric is a bit thick, the design rather dense or when It is too loud for the music I am listening to.

by maisiebo 09 Nov 2016

Thank you one and all for your answers to my question next time I use my machine I will set it on the faster speed and see how I get on I hope to start embroidering my family Xmas cards You always come back with an answer and advice and help THANK YOU

by airyfairy 09 Nov 2016

I often change the speed on mine. Slow it down when sewing thick material and also for certain fonts.

by smokeythecat 09 Nov 2016

i keep mine on 600 mostly. i slow it down if it's thick fabric or lots of stitches on top of eachother or if i'm the one who made the design. when it came out of the box it was set at the max of 850 and i didn't know it could/should go slower for a couple weeks. it just seems too fast, especially knowing how long it takes to stop it when something goes wrong. plus it makes it louder too. i saw an article somewhere where they were saying you should never run above 750 or something like that and there were samples of embroidery at slower and faster speeds and the faster ones didn't look as good

by stock 09 Nov 2016

I have a pe780 at 650, and 800e at 850, the repairer always keeps it on the high speed, I only slow it down if something is not stitching right ...wendy

by 02kar Moderator 08 Nov 2016

I keep both my single needle and 10 needle machine at about 600 stitches per minute. I'm aware that I could stitch at a much faster rate but I am in no hurry. I am often multi-tasking while the10 needle is stitching so I stay entertained.

by vickiannette 08 Nov 2016

mine is Pfaff 2170 and has 2 speeds. Most things sew well in the fastest speed.

by babash 08 Nov 2016

Mostly at the higher speed but if doing lettering I slow it down. The only other time I would slow it is if it was breaking thread or struggling.
It is surprising how the time to sew design jumps up when you slow it from fast to slow. Sometimes it can add an hour on.

by noah 08 Nov 2016

My repair man says there made to sew fast as normal *****slower for heavy fabric ????I sew FAST****-*lol hugs

airyfairy by airyfairy 09 Nov 2016

That is why you manage to sew out so many things. LOL

katydid by katydid 10 Nov 2016

I knew you would say that!

by graceandham 08 Nov 2016

Top speed unless stitching FSL.

by dragonflyer 08 Nov 2016

I have my machine almost always set to 1000spm...very rarely do I slow it down for anything...

by pcteddyb 08 Nov 2016

It depends on what I am stitching. I slow my current machine down for things like FSL and double layers of vinyl. I ran my 780D slow all the time.

by shirley124 08 Nov 2016

I have mine set to the slowest speed, mainly so it is not so noisy. I have a bad ear problem and cannot cope with the machine at the fastest speed. I don't know if it makes a difference to the design or not but I know it takes much longer to stitch the designs. Hugs

vickiannette by vickiannette 08 Nov 2016

Shirley, do you put your machine on a thick stable mat of some kind?

shirley124 by shirley124 09 Nov 2016

Yes Vicki I have it on a padded board. That quietens it a bit as well.

by asterixsew Moderator 08 Nov 2016

Thanks for reposting here. I keep my machines on a medium speed. Both will stitch at a much faster rate. It's going to be interesting to see what others say