by anssmile 06 Nov 2016

Hi Everybody

I need help with my embroidery file and windows 10. My PC died on me, and I had to get a new PC. I was using windows 7, and my new PC uses windows 10.

When I tried to copy my embroidery files (jef format) to my scan disk so I can embroider my designs, I could not copy my files.

In the end I removed the file type (jef) and copied the files. Then I added the file again (using the rename function)

Please, there must be an easier way to copy my jef files to be embroidered.

Is there a setting I have to use somewhere?

Your help will be appreciated...

Best Regards



by queenofhearts 06 Nov 2016

I've had problems with Windows 10 and my pes files too, so I am continuing to use my laptop which still has Windows 7 and works very well with both Ped Basic card and a USB. For now I'm taking the easy way out so I don't have to learn something new.

by Patricia109 06 Nov 2016

My Windows 10 has no problem reading Jef files.
Check how you have the system is set up to display file names. You can display names without the extension of ".jef"
If you had "flower.jef.jef" that would not copy. Same as "document.doc.doc" would not copy.
So have a look to see how other file names are displaying to see if the file extension should be in the view or not.

by asterixsew Moderator 06 Nov 2016

When I changed to Windows 10 I had no problems with my embroidery designs and putting them on disc or usb stick depending on which machine I use. I use pes so hopefully someone will come along who uses jef