by gandu 05 Nov 2016

dress for my one and only grand daughter


by gandu 11 Nov 2016


by katydid 10 Nov 2016

Lovely dress. The cupids are wonderful! Kay

by graceandham 10 Nov 2016

She and her mom will treasure this!

by airyfairy 10 Nov 2016

What an amazing little dress. I am sure that it will be treasured

by robinbird 09 Nov 2016

What an absolutely lovely dress you've made& the designs are delightful too. Sure to be an heirloom she'll enjoy &a labor of love. Wondered where you'd found the fabric& the embroidery if you don't mind telling? Thanks for sharing it. :~D

by mechille 09 Nov 2016

Great job... this is really pretty. I'm sure she will love it very much. :)

by Boutry 09 Nov 2016

La robe est très jolie

BRAVO Gisèle

by bemara 06 Nov 2016

so cute . . Engel for a small angel, hugs Maria

by pennifold 06 Nov 2016

Just perfect for a little girl love ❤️ Chris

by sonjapotgieter 06 Nov 2016

Wow that is Stunning...Excellent work done with smocking and all in the dress!!!Beautiful

by Sewmum1 06 Nov 2016

What a beautiful dress, so much work. Your granddaughter will look precious in it

by jenne 06 Nov 2016

I love the smocking, beautiful!

by lbrow 06 Nov 2016

How lovely it is. Fantastic job! She will love this

by maisiebo 06 Nov 2016

Beautiful one lucky granddaughter

by ansienaude 06 Nov 2016

love it very cute

by Chalicebaker 06 Nov 2016

so very pretty

by decojo 06 Nov 2016

Absolutely beautiful ~ love it!

by sandralane 05 Nov 2016

Beautiful work, your grand daughter will look adorable in her new dress. Sandra.

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gandu by gandu 06 Nov 2016

Thank you

by Smokey12 05 Nov 2016

Very beautiful. I can't imagine making a dress like this. The smocking and embroidery and stunning. Your embroidery is flat and perfect on such a sheer fabric. You have made perfection.

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gandu by gandu 06 Nov 2016

Thank you so much

by vickiannette 05 Nov 2016

nice smocking, a craft not seen much these days.

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gandu by gandu 05 Nov 2016

thank you You are so right very few ladies do this when I bought the smocking machine my hubby had a good laugh

by peafarm 05 Nov 2016

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I have a smocking machine took 1 lesson and haven't done a thing on it and have had it for years. A lot of work goes in to all that and all the planning not to mention the hand work. It's lovely.

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gandu by gandu 05 Nov 2016

thank you I do a lot of these type of smocking as well as Canadian smocking It takes a little time to make it but is worth it

by pldc 05 Nov 2016

you did a perfectly lovely job on this!~hugs~

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gandu by gandu 05 Nov 2016

thank you

by noah 05 Nov 2016

This is out-standing good work**** you need to enter this in a fair or contest somewhere****It is BEAUTIFUL Hugs Carolyn

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gandu by gandu 05 Nov 2016

thank you. you are so kind

by dragonflyer 05 Nov 2016

Beautiful job...I love the smocking...was it done by hand or machine embroidery?

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gandu by gandu 05 Nov 2016

thank you is done by hand and loved every min. of it

by sewdeb 05 Nov 2016

Oh, this is gorgeous! She's one lucky little lady to have a grandmother make such a grand dress for her!

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gandu by gandu 05 Nov 2016

thank you after all she is one and only girl